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Pokémon GO adds a more practical method to train your Pokémon

We already had it you yesterday from the first tracks that they started from the source code. However, today the news is confirmed by the own Niantic. The next Pokémon GO Update will include an option that allows train and strengthen our Pokemon while we walked. When will come the above update is anyone’s guess, but given the announcement of the signing, is expected to release to occur over the next few days.

Pokémon GO has been a revelation. The Niantic and Nintendo augmented reality game never before achieved what any application. It is positioned as the most downloaded from the App Store and Google Play in his debut. Also, the experience of use of the game has given us pictures of all kinds. However, interest in Nintendo title lost little by little bellows, by what the developer working on new ideas to encourage those who already have bored with Pokémon GO or they are about to do so.Entrenamiento en Pokémon GO

They discover possible updates to the next update of Pokémon GO

Get candies walking

caA them updates and news that has received Pokemon GO during the last weeks is added a more. So we tell it yesterday itself the trail found in the source code of the game. These tracks we wore to a new function that was not fully clear, but which now is responsible for confirming the own Niantic through the official website.

In this release we can read what it is exactly new. According to details, the note points to a method to train Pokemon, more practical until now. And it is that the game will allow us to select any of our Pokemon so these will join us in our pursuit and capture of new creatures. During the journey, the walk will allow us to enhance the abilities of the aforementioned Pokémon. The more walking, more we will train our favorite figures. Niantic indicates that it will be possible to choose any of the available Pokemon, so the company allows us to train those rare monsters, so getting candy with these copies is made easier and more practical.POkémon GO Buddy

Pokemesh, new map that locates the Pokemon after upgrading from Pokémon GO

This capability will be imminently with the next update of Pokémon GO. Nintendo not has eased a date concrete, but as already indicated previously, is of wait that that improves dips to the surface in a few days.

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