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Pokémon Duel, new strategy for iOS and Android game download

The Pokemon Company announces the launch of a new game for the platforms of iOS and Android. He is Pokémon Duel, a strategy game, online version included, whose dynamics is based on the fight between Pokemon, which we will be able go strengthening to have advantage over the opponent. The title of Nintendo officially reach Europe and the U.S., so already you can download Pokemon Duel since Google Play, and the App Store.

Although around Pokemon games titles are not reduced to Pokémon GO, yes it was the precedent to catapult the popular video game in the Smartphone market again. Since then we have witnessed not only fever generated by the Nintendo game developed by Niantic, which started with the novelty of virtual reality as a hook. In parallel, that interest the user has encouraged the launch of alternatives which include Super Mario Run Android. However, now it’s the turn of Pokémon Duel, arriving by surprise both Android as iPhone and iPad devices.

A strategy video game

Forget you’s all it seen in Pokémon GO. The dynamic of game of Pokemon Duel is completely different since its development takes place as if of a game of table is were. Is is of a game of strategy where them users is face of you to you with six pokemon, which will fight among itself to win the battle.Descargar Pokémon Duel para iOS y Android

However, the essence of Pokemon is maintained and each user could boost their figures with gems, which can get through daily challenges and tests. In the same way, and even though Pokemon Duel is free, there is a fast track to improve the skills of our pokemon based on checkbook, buying credits.

Download Pokémon Duel from the App Store and Google Play

The truth is that Pokémon Duel is not new as such. The title was already released in Japan last year under another name, Pokémon Comaster. However, its landing in Europe and the U.S. If it is new after its adaptation to our market.

The download and installation of Pokémon Duel is now available for Android devices through Google Play and for iPhone and iPad through the App Store. However, in Spain still does not appear active, although it will be a matter of hours the launch becomes effective.

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