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PokeFit, get fit with this application for Pokémon GO

Today we are going to talk about an application of those that know nothing more about them you think… “How not I have happened to my before?”. We all know how it works Pokémon GO whenever we do not resort to alterations of the game that may lead to an inevitable banning. Based on the Nintendo game is out on the street (which say you to passersby that passed yesterday by the puerta del Sol in the heart of “#Pokequedada”) and, based on this, becomes PokeFit, a Pokemon GO app that will help you get fit.

Pokemon Go is certainly large enough to begin to generate its own ecosystem. There is more to keep an eye on the markets of apps to find any type of Pokémon GO application that complements the universe of the game developed by Niantic. Is something that tends to happen with games of success and that already have could check with titles as Clash of Clans or Angry Birds.

PokeFit is the latest example of these applications associated with the success of the season. It’s an application to GO Pokémon that becomes a kind of “Endomondo” of Nintendo. Via the display of the application we can control the time of game, the distance travelled, stepped steps and the energy burned at the stake.

Getting in shape with Pokémon GO

PokeFit helps players get an understanding in real-time about the benefits for health that are going to get to play Pokemon Go. The application itself keeps a record of the sessions, and provides the user with a breakdown of how long lasted each session and the distance travelled during each period of hunting of Pokemon.  


This Pokemon GO application is easy to use, free, and also allows us to extract these data from our the large N play games, also help to increase the battery life and save on our data rate continuously showing the rate of discharge of the battery and the use of data. In this way it becomes a perfect complement to the game of Niantic.

You will see your personal statistics in PokeFit directly on the screen of Pokémon GO as a small semitransparent layer. Or simply open the application and check all your sports data to get you in shape through the application of fashion.

WP-Appbox: PokeFit for Pokémon GO (free, Google Play) →

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