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Poke LIVE, another app that detects the Pokemon that are in real time to your around

For many, complete the Pokédex of Pokémon GO has become more than just a challenge, it is an obsession. Developers know it and do not stop compiling applications and tools that can serve users hooked on Pokémon GO to be able to capture all the Pokemon in the shortest possible time. In fact, there are currently about how many apps that are complemented with the video game. Poke LIVE becomes one which, by its purpose, can become a must have. And it is that the application promises to detect and monitor all Pokemon that are near your location on a map.

The truth is that this type of tool has begun to proliferate exponentially, although only a few are the best known. We are talking about Pokevision, or PokeRadar services that help locate on a map the monsters we need to hunt. In this sense, Poke LIVE is added to the list, and does so with some interesting points.Personas jugando a Pokémon GO

PokeRadar, a radar to find Pokemon in Pokemon GO mobile

All the Pokemon in your controlled area

The developer responsible for publishing the app in Google Play is concise. Poke LIVE is a program for Android smartphones that will allow you to locate on a map all the Pokémon available to your around. It is scanning occurs in real time and ensures that the position is 100% real and reliable. In this way, the player will have a complete view of toward places refer to capture Pokémon that remaining in the Pokédex.Mapa de Poke LIVE para Pokémon GO

Pokevision, map to catch Pokemon in real time at Pokémon GO

Without needing logins on Pokémon GO

In addition to its utility, another advantage of Poke LIVE is for operation is not necessary to log in with the account of Pokémon GO, so will avoid evils as theft of accounts or bans. You can download the application from Google Play for free. While there are experiences and negative votes, the truth is that we find a majority of opinions that award four and five stars to the app, indicating that it offers what it promises. However, since MovilZona we will remain on high alert to check its evolution and whether actually remains a useful for Pokémon GO app.

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Poke LIVE article, another app that detects the Pokemon that are in real time to your around was published in MovilZona.

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