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Plus Extreme, the next phablet of UMi directed to the more demanding

In contrast with the drip more slow of releases from of signatures European or American, them companies Asian still stepping on the accelerator to get them best results possible in them three months that are missing for 2016 end. Once again, Chinese companies are the protagonists of this pull that has resulted that among the 10 most powerful companies on the planet, more than half come from the country of the great wall and that not only remains the great factory of the world, but also remove muscle in terms of innovation capacity and the creation of more quality terminals.

In recent months we have spoken of handsets launched by companies like Oppo, live and UMi with the three firms have sought to shake the phablets market in each of the segments that can be found. In the case of the third, I present to Plus at the beginning of September. This phablet used as claim the collaboration of the more large as Samsung or Sony in components as the cameras. The model, which was intended to be the jewel in the Crown, may be superseded by Extreme, which then will have more on this smartphone that could mark a before and a later in the trajectory of technology china. Did you succeed?

umi max negro


In this area, the only thing that is known today comes through photographs filtered through the company and collected in specialized as Gizchina portals. Them, shows a device in black and bluish tones that would be accompanied by a minimum thickness. Attending to them benefits of its predecessor, Plus, would be logical that counted with reader of traces and that the covers were made exclusively in metal. Is unknown what will be its measures and its weight.


On other websites such as GSMArena ensures that the new UMi’s would have an identical panel both in size and resolution than its predecessor, Plus. Remember that this last was equipped with a diagonal manufactured by Sharp’s 5.5 inch accompanied of a resolution Full HD. In terms of cameras, manufactured by Sony, we found ourselves with a rear 13 Mpx sensor and one front 5. However, and as will see then, would have with others components that would prepare to Extreme to support other formats as the 4 K and some lenses with greater capacity.

umi plus camara


Here we could find important differences with respect to its predecessor. Plus Extreme would be equipped with the Helium P20, the last member of the family of processors manufactured by MediaTek and could support resolutions of up to 24 Megapixel cameras and that its eight cores, you would reach peaks of 2.3 Ghz. On the other hand, a GPU Mali T880 MP2 would allow a saving of resources close to the 30% respect to its predecessor, the P10 and that also, keeps to the terminal refrigerated. The memory is another of them points divergent since would have with a RAM of 6 GB that it would place between the more powerful of the market and a capacity of storage initial of 64 GB that could expand is through cards MicroSD.

System operating

An once more, here we find changes concerning Plus. If the previous device Android Marshmallow had, in the case of Extreme he speculates on the possibility of that count with Nougat, which would make it one of the first terminals without counting the Nexus series which could be mounted this operating system. Is pending of confirmation the type of networks that could support, although would be logical that counts with support for 3 G and 4 G among others, as usually be usual. In terms of its autonomy, would be equipped with a 4,000 mAh battery which would have a fast-charging technology. We will also have to wait for other features in this sense as the times of duration with each use.

Novedades Android 7.1

Availability and price

Conclude with their date of release and the cost approximate that could have. While some information about your performance or your operating system has already been leaked, its possible commercialization still not has been elucidated. However, it is believed will be your approximate cost 270euros. These data should be taken with caution and it will need the official announcement by UMi so that they are fully confirmed. With features that already were disclosed, while in the case of a range media in the strict sense, could be among the most powerful in this category which is patent a greater struggle between different firms, especially from China.

After learning more about the upcoming device that would be working on UMi, do you think that the most appropriate would be postponed his arrival to a market in which begins to see some saturation? Do you think that Extreme would be prepared to get a prominent position? You have available more information on other released by the technological phablets that have not been exempt from criticism as Plus so you can say to yourselves.

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