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Play and create your own music by the hand of LISTENit

With the emergence of tablets and smartphones, a whole generation of young users launched the new media in order to not only get a more enhanced experience in communication, but also in entertainment. Subsequently, its consolidation in most segments of age whose members, are also using the devices for the reproduction of audiovisual content, has resulted in an explosion of platforms audio and video of all kinds.

It music is something that accompanies millions of people in their daily lives, whether it be playing any instrument or simply through songs that housed at its terminals. To try to take advantage of this, at the same time seeking a greater enjoyment for the public, emerging applications as LISTENit, which we’ll now tell their salient features.


Mainly designed for Android, this platform allows you to access quickly to all music files housed at the terminals. To the same time, offers the possibility of ordering all them tracks by genres and authors in a system of folders that also contains information detailed on the format of audio of each an of them with the objective of that also can classify is through this last criterion.

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One of the strengths of this app according to its creators, is a colorful and at the same time, interface simple and intuitive that it facilitates the exploration through the different folders. On the other hand, customization capability also has its place here, since in theory, you can create own tracks by modifying some parameters through the equalizer and mixing ones and others. All this resulting in the creation of lists more tuned to the tastes of each user.


As usual in most of the applications, LISTENit does not require initial when being discharged payment. This, added to functions focused on the customization that I discussed earlier, has served to move towards the 10 million users. He has received some criticism in aspects as the inability to be able to download songs in certain cases and also by the presence of advertising in a timely manner.

WP-Appbox: LISTENit-(free, Google Play) music player →

Do you think that you can not stay much more room for manoeuvre for music apps like this against the presence of other longest? You have more information about more tools of this genre as Triller so you can get to know more options available.

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