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Pixel XL vs Nexus 6 p: what has changed?

How much else has changed the new Google phablet with respect to the previous model in addition to the name? Do a review in this comparative to them specifications technical of the new Pixel of 5.5 inch and them of the Nexus 6 p of the year last for discover all them improvements that them of Mountain View us leave with this new device and help you to decide if you are interested in renew and bet by he or perhaps take advantage to search any good offer for do you with the last Nexus to a price that can result quite tempting. What option you seem better to you?


Although the two have a rather peculiar aesthetic that makes them quite distinctive, they are quite different, especially when it comes to the back cover. Also should be noted that, although finishes are spectacular in both instances, also there are changes in materials, since the Pixel XL combines metal with glass on the back cover, while the Nexus 6 p we found ourselves the classical aluminium casing. The two, of course, have fingerprint reader.


He Pixel XL is quite more compact that its predecessor (15, 47 by 7.57 cm facing 15.93 by 7.78 cm), although there are that have in has that not all is simple optimization, but the Nexus 6 p has a screen a little more large, what can explain also the difference of weight (168 grams front 178 grams). The thickness, on the other hand, is the same (7.3 mm).

Pixel XL trasera


What more are going to notice, by what regard to the screen, is the difference of size (5.5 inch facing 5.7 inch), because to it expected of them analysis more detailed that us can discover others improvements (brightness, contrasts, etc.), continue finding us with a panel AMOLED and with resolution Quad HD, although, logically, to the be more small it of the Pixel win in pixel (534-PPI front 518 PPI) density.


In the paragraph of performance, have improvements but nothing out of it expected and probably nothing that is note too in the use more everyday, although probably itself with applications more demanding: is keep them 4 GB of memory RAM and instead of the Snapdragon 810 us find with the last processor of range high of Qualcomm: the Snapdragon 821.

Capacity of storage

Another section where do not change too much things is the storage capacity, since the Pixel phablet continues to offer us the same 32 GB with which the standard model arrived but without micro-SD card slot. An extra small is that we will offer unlimited storage of photos and videos in high resolution on Google photos, that helps us a little to compensate for that deficiency.

Nexus 6P lector


In the section on cameras figures have not changed much: If you look at the basic technical specs still have a 12 MP main camera with pixel 1.55 micrometers and aperture f/2.0 and an 8 MPfront camera. It seems, however, that the software enhancements that have been introduced have been sufficient to pose a considerable evolution, at least in the view of DxOMark which, as Google has told us in the presentation, has qualified as the best camera so far.


You know that autonomy is an aspect that we cannot say anything definitive until the device is not proven, but it seems that the new Pixel XL should take advantage, thinking we have a battery of the same capacity (3450 mAh) to feed a screen of same resolution but slightly smaller.


This is the point in favor of the Nexus 6 p right now: though probably the price that is finally sold the new Pixel XL in our country does not differ much from the previous phablet which had at the time (at the moment we only know that United States will be $770), currently the phablet manufactured by Huawei can be found quite easily in some distributors for prices coming down even the 500 euros.

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