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Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus: a new rival Android for the phablet of Apple

The supply of high-end phablets continues to grow, as happens every autumn, now with the arrival of Google, Pixel XL, a device that we cannot say that it has surprised us too (knew it practically already all of it), but which in any case is presented as one of the most interesting of this 2016. And, of course, the first opponent that we’re going to face in a comparison of technical specifications to test its potential is the 7 Plus iPhone from Apple, the star of the news in recent weeks. Here we go.


The search engine company should recognize you when less that their devices always come out a bit of the usual aesthetics and Pixel XL is another good example of this, with this case in two tones, more classic iPhone 7 Plus, quite contrasting with elegance although it must be said that, in spite of that, in the front they seem fairly. In the two have, of course, the best finishes (casing of metal and glass to the phablet Google and only metal for the Apple), in addition to the already inevitable fingerprint reader.


While its front is quite similar, as we said, to the iPhone 7 Plus, including relatively large frames, Pixel XL bide even to be rather more compact (15.47 x 7.57 cm front 15.82 x 7.79 cm) and also (168 grams against 188 grams) lighter. What are evenly matched is the thickness, with 7.3 mm in both cases.

Pixel y Pixel XL Google anuncio


As regards to the screen, both have the same size (5.5 inch) but not much more in common, since Pixel panel XL is AMOLED and iPhone 7 Plus LCD, and its resolution is much higher (2560 x 1440 to 1920 x 1080), which leaves us, obviously, a higher pixel density also (534 PPI compared 401 PPI). Although it is not related to image quality, should mention the 3D Touch screen of the Applephablet.


It remains to be seen what happens in the benchmarks, but for now the Pixel XL comes with all the heavy artillery that can reach a phablet Android in the performance section: Snapdragon 821 (eight cores at 2.15 GHz and 4 GB of RAM). You know, in any case, that time iPhone 7 Plus Queen at AnTuTu with your A10 Fussion (four cores to 2.23 GHz) processor and its 3 GB of RAM.

Capacity of storage

This is not a paragraph which include more these two fantastic phablets, which have the disadvantage of not count either of them with micro-SDcard slot, depriving us from external storage. With both, we will have, that Yes, the 32 GB of internal memory that are already common in the high range.

negro jet iPhone 7 Plus


While the focus of attention on the iPhone 7 Plus is dual, in Pixel XL is still in the size of the pixels, a feature that already ran it very well with the Nexus 6 p, and software enhancements, and by what you have told us in the presentation, seems that it has been enough for in DxOMar to give the highest rating to date. In number of megapixels, in any case, they are tied with 12 MP in both cases for the front camera and with a slight advantage for the phablet of Google in the front camera (8 MP to 7 MP).


It is difficult to say nothing of the autonomy safely until you see the results of independent tests and actual usage tests, but for now we must say that the Pixel XL part with advantage in regards to (3450 mAh to 2900 mAh) battery size, although it is true that it is also expected that consumption increased due to better your screen resolution.


We don’t even figure in euros, but for United States phablet new version has been announced Pixel XL for $770, so even if you climb a little change (which normally makes it), should be still below the more than 900 euros which cost us let us with the iPhone 7 Plus, although probably the difference are quite short of what we would have expected a priori.

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