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Pixel XL vs Galaxy Note 7: comparative

He protagonist of it today by what to phablets is refers is now undoubtedly the new Pixel XL, that has by front ones few challenges enough complicated to demonstrate that can aspire to be one of them best phablets of the year, if not the best. Yesterday you were facing already in a comparative of specifications technical with the iPhone 7 Plus, but in the land of them Android also has a rival very hard, that of course not is other that the Galaxy Note 7. What of those two phablets you like more to you, the of Google or the of Samsung?


Although the success overwhelming of when less the model blue (exhausted in a few hours) gives good test of that aesthetically the Pixel XL can compete with the elegance of the Galaxy Note 7, there are that say that this is a paragraph in which the phablet of Samsung has with ones few attractive extra that deserves the penalty have in has , as it is the iris scanner, S Pen or water resistance. The two have, that Yes, fingerprint reader and, curiously, used a combination of metal and glass.


Another point in favor of the phablet of Samsung is that even with a screen more large is something more compact (15.47 by 7.57 cm front 15,35 x 7.39 cm) and equal of heavy (168 grams front 169 grams). Where Yes takes advantage the of Google, curiously which less conditional is with the size of the screen, is in the paragraph of thickness (7.3 mm front 7.9 mm).

HTC fabricante Pixel


As we have just comment, the Galaxy Note 7 screen is slightly larger than the Pixel XL (5.5 inch front 5.7 inch), as well as distinguished by its unique curvature. In terms of type of panel used (AMOLED) and resolution, however, are tied (2560 x 1440), even if that means, logically, that the density of pixels in the phablet of Google is something higher (534-PPI front 518 PPI).


Technical specifications very similar (and highest) also in the performance section, while each of them mounted a different processor (quad-coreSnapdragon 821 ) and 2.15 GHz frequency Exynos 8890 of eight cores and 2.3 GHz. The two we offer, in addition, 4 GB of memory RAM.

Storage capacity

In the section on storage capacity we have another important strengths of the Galaxy Note 7, which not only comes with double the internal memory (32 GB to 64 GB), but also features micro-SD card slot (allowing us expand it externally), something that has no rival.

note 7


DxOMark has awarded already Pixel XLvictory, although with a fairly short score difference, since the Galaxy Note 7 is also the top-rated. The two have a main 12 MPcamera, but the phablet of Google has larger pixels (1.55 micrometers) and the Samsung optical stabilizer of image and openness (f/2.0 to f/1.7). In number of megapixels, would win also the first in which makes to the camera front (8 MP front 5 MP).


Waiting for the conclusions of independent tests and the real evidence of use, there is no reason to expect different results, since the capacity of both is quite similar (3450 mAh front 3500 mAh) battery, although it is true that it could be that the Galaxy Note 7 had a consumption somewhat higher for having a larger screen.


The new phablets of Google is not going to be cheap and it seems from what we have seen of what will be the 5 inch model in Germany that the Pixel XL price could exceed the 800 euros. You will have to wait, however, to see how closely it remains finally the 860 euros which would cost the Galaxy Note 7 or if you can even get them to overcome.

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