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Pixel C: 32GB model is removed from sale. Now what?

Play Store is becoming increasingly more soulless in Spain. To the disappearance of them Nexus 6 p and 5 X and them models previous, are you sum the made of that Google not can cover the demand of its new smartphone Pixel. In addition, the search engine firm, will not sell its Pixel C tablet with less storage capacity, and will focus on the variant with 64 GB. Be in sight a bet definitive by the format Chromebook?

The only mobile or tablet that currently we can buy from the Play Store If we go into the section devices is the C Pixel of 64 GB, for a price of 599 euros. Although the 32GB version still appears in the store how exhausted, the guys at Android Authority advance us model will not be replaced. Thus, if a reader was expecting, we recommend you look at other options to take over the terminal.

Google Pixel C is running out of tablets, now

The progressive decline of them tablets of the signature of search suggest that in Mountain View are weighing any alternative for the segment. After foiling the launch of a Nexus 7 2016, by a supposed clash between Huawei and Google, the few comments that we read about the launch of a Pixel C2 are not optimistic with this possibility.

If anything should be noted in this Pixel C, however, is its possible role as a point of Confluence or transit between Android and Chrome OS tablet format. Google already not hides that expects that some manufacturer is lance to produce a tablet with the system operating based in the cloud, since those engineers are improving much its response touch. He made of that addition, the Chromebook support applications mobile, marks the future immediate of it platform.

As “manufacturer” returns to be of joke

On the other hand, is a bit of laugh what happens with Google, especially in the case of a firm with a so huge financial muscle. We do not believe that the Pixel is beating sales record despite having managed to exceed the expectations of their “manufacturer”. Even so, units that are distributed at this time they can not respond to your demand, since as much as in Google have obsessed with sign terminal individually, remain dependent on HTC for production to the same degree that depended on LG with the Nexus 4.

pixel xl camara

When arrive as the Galaxy S8, the Huawei P10 or computers, in lesser extent perhaps, LG G6 and Xiaomi Mi6, the attractiveness of the Pixel is going to stick a good downturn and probably frustrated buyers seek realistic alternatives.

Pixel C: 32GB model item is removed from sale. Now what? It was published in TabletZona.

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