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Photos of a third model that would come with the Xiaomi Mi5S Mi5S Plus

Tomorrow is the big day of Xiaomi. A moment very expected by many since the signature has organized an event in which predictably know them new Xiaomi Mi5S and Xiaomi Mi5S Plus. However, a few hours to get it start, leaks show us photographs real of a completely unknown Xiaomi smartphone.

The Chinese firm has several fronts for the remainder of the year. The first materialize with a new version of the Xiaomi Mi5. Two models – the Xiaomi Mi5S and Xiaomi Mi5S Plus– that as they have left us to see the latest leaks will have a large similar aesthetic with the new iPhone 7 Plus, where the double Chamber and the Home button are the focus. Also see the new Xiaomi Mi Note 2, the phablet with curved screen which is said will be the most expensive model which will be presented under the logo of the firm. However, despite the references of these new proposals, the network of networks shows us new clues that leads after a new and completely unknown model.

New images of Xiaomi Mi5s reveal their dual camera

First references in the form of actual photos

At least so is elucidate starting from them two photographs that are have published in the network social Chinese Weibo. As you can see yourself, it is a team that is manufactured with a unibody aluminum casing which, apparently, has a brushed finish. Also, you can see very rounded in profile, especially in the rear area. Of the same mode, in the part front is can appreciate a button Home of large proportions that, apparently, is sensitive to the touch and not mechanical in which well can go integrated the sensor of fingerprint, as will happen with the new Xiaomi Mi5S.Posible diseño de una versión compacta de Xiaomi Mi5S

The rest of details that can be drawn from the images are rather rambling, such as the possible size of the screen. And that in proportion to the connector on the cable of data and load (microUSB or USB-C) does not seem to be a smartphone of large proportions.

A new mobile Xiaomi’s range medium passes by the Tena

A compact version of Xiaomi Mi5S?

As for the rest of technical characteristics, there is no any trace of them. Is speculated with that really is a model false, although also could treat is of a new smartphone Xiaomi’s range average. Although the design does not correspond to the leaked during this past weekend in the TENNA images, well it could match it. Similarly it could be a more compact Xiaomi Mi5S version, perhaps in a small format that both months ago was speculated to deal with the iPhone is.

Of the mode that is, will have to wait, at least, to the day of tomorrow for check if finally Xiaomi presents officially this unknown smartphone next to them expected Xiaomi Mi5S and Xiaomi Mi5S Plus.

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