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Photo of Prisma offline editing comes to iOS and Android soon

Prism has become, without eating or drinking, in one of the most successful applications for both iOS and Android. In fact hot day is hard to find someone who not to “decorate” their social profiles with a photo published by the application. An application that already has with 52 million of downloads and 4 million of users active at the day.

The success of this photo editor, who has done so to Excel on the other many editing programs that populate the applications markets, is the artistic results that apply various filters of the application on the images of users. Until now, to apply these filters and transform our images was necessary a connection of data, but from today itself the version of Prism for iOS can edit photographs of form offline.

“We have endeavored to implement networks neural in them smartphones, which means that them users of it application not will need never more a connection to the network for transform their photographs in works of art.”

That itself, or the time not all them filters of Prism are available for use of way offline, since only can apply 16 filters without connection to the network, i.e., the half of them present in the application of Edition photo.

prisma gato

Also on Android

Prism also plans to carry the processing offline to Android, system operating in which the application just takes some weeks active and already has with more than 20 million of downloads. This will make the process of Edition photographic in something much more quickly, and also will avoid consume data of our rate at the time of give rein loose to our creativity.

Prism landed with great strength in Google Play Store last month, quickly getting a fgran popularity thanks to the fame that application dragged from its path by iOS. In addition among all applications of image processing, Prism is an application that offers something so differentiate yourself from your competition.

The company not said when will come the update Prism for Android, but after know his arrival to iOS, not should take too in appear, by what in them next weeks the system operating of google could receive also the possibility of edit photos of form offline.

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