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Philips dares with a phablet that has already been seen in China

A long history is synonymous with strength and credibility, but also requires additional efforts for constant renewal to serve as a company to readjust to the times and to a rapidly changing environment in which nothing is eternal. In consumer electronics, this is more patent than in any other field and companies such as Philips, with nearly 120 years of history, must work harder to continue to be in a context of continuous transformation. The company, headquartered in the Netherlands and that during their early days he devoted himself to the creation of radios and electrical components, has added in recent years to the launch of other media such as smart TVs that incorporate Android and now, could go towards smartphones.

In recent days, it has more filtered on the phablet in which the technology would be working and that has been left to see China through the regulator of telecommunications in the Asian giant. Then you have more on what is already known of this model, to be called S626L. What can you offer this device? You’re really ready to compete against the leaders of the sector such as Samsung, LG and Huawei and other firms with less presence but which have also launched powerful products throughout this 2016 that is ending?

Philips DCM 3155


Before you begin to talk about the benefits of this terminal, we will consider from the outset that the information comes from portals such as Gizchina and that its characteristics have been confirmed previously by Tena, the Chinese governmental institution in charge of controlling telecommunications. In terms of design, what is known is that it will feature a brushed metal casing that on his back, it will be equipped with a fingerprint reader. Its size and its dimensions are unknown at the moment.


Here we have features that show us that Philips next will be a large terminal. In concrete, 6 inch that would go accompanied of a resolution Full HD of 1920 × 1080 pixels, inside what are accustomed to see in the range medium and in them of entry and that could give tracks of the segment to which is directed. As for the cameras, two sensors as it is usual. One rear of 13 Mpx and one front 8 which have not revealed the functions that will be equipped.

philips s626l


Possibly, here we would find with those imbalances more important of the phablet of Philips. We started with a processor made by MediaTek, specifically the 675o, which we have already seen in low-cost terminals and somewhat higher from especially China and which would reach peaks of 1.5 Ghz through its eight nuclei. A figure that may be tight when it comes to playing videos in formats of high definition or when you try to run more elaborate games that require more resources without overheating to the terminal. As for the memory, part with a 3 GB RAM which adds an initial 32 storage capacity which has not confirmed whether is it may be extended or not by using Micro SD cards.

System operating

In this section, from the Tena has not given more details. However, it logical would be that the S626L run with Android Marshmallow following the wake of the most of devices that are currently and that with the future, could offer is support for Nougat. However, the time will be the only factor that determines in the future will be the used interface. In terms of connectivity, nor has proved nothing. What is known in the field of autonomy is that it will feature a large-capacity that would be around the 4200 mAh battery . With this latter feature, it might be one of the strong points of this phablet.

philips phablet

Availability and price

We conclude with two unknowns more and that will also need to pass a few weeks to be revealed. Dates in which we are and the fact that the knowledge of some of its features implementation has been in the last quarter of this year, could be indicative of that next Philips could see the light either in the Christmas season or something then, coinciding with the celebration of the first technology events of the year. However, there are that have in has that in this moment, not is can give information confirmed to the respect and all what is says are only predictions.

A time more, with terminals as this, we can check how the roads followed both by tablets as by smartphones are completely different. In the case of the first support, witness to a frequency of ads and releases more paused due in great part to the saturation and to them declines continued of sales. In the case of them more small, check how in 2016 could overcome is all them records of sales and to an increase of the offer. Would believe that the next terminal of Phlips can do facing a context marked by the competitiveness in which a handful of signatures occupies the greater part of the fee? Have available more information related about other phablets that will see in the straight end of the year as the bet of Samsung for the low cost so can check you same what more can find is.

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