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Phablets fast: the processors today and which are by come

2016 is in its final stages and throughout this year, we have witnessed major improvements that will possibly determine the future sector of tablets and also, smartphones, will continue in the coming years. In other occasions you have commented that the reality virtual, the Internet of them things and the new systems of cameras dual, will have the prominence in the short term. However, to hold all these advances and get results that not are overshadowed by a lack of resources or a speed slow that prevents use with normal ones devices each time more powerful, is necessary that is manufactured processors capable of withstand all these requirements.

In the field of the performance, also have assisted to improvements important that are capable of ensuring an execution without problems of them devices more elevated to day of today. On the other hand, in the land of them terminals media, there are chips that offer a speed appropriate for ones models in which the reproduction of contained audiovisual, the use of games and them photographs are them uses more extended. Then, you offer a list with them processors that have could see along this year and that could give some tracks on them components that will see in this sense in the coming months.


Exynos 8890

We started with the bet of Samsung. The South Korean firm has chosen to fabricate their own components. With its 8 cores, their designers ensure that the performance increases on a 30% in comparison with its predecessors. Supports screens with resolutions of up to 4 K as well as the display of content in 3D. In the land of the cameras, could endure sensors of up to 24 Mpx. All this thanks to a speed tip that can get to the 2.3 Ghz. Some of the latest phablets of the company have this processor.

Helium X 25

MediaTek has decided launch is to the pool and add is to the list of companies that aim to supply their components to them devices more elevated of the market. During this year, we have seen landing at X 20 and X 25. Both processors, which we can see in Asian companies such as Meizu terminals, its attractions are its 10 cores that are achieved peaks of 2.5 Ghz or the ability to play videos in 4 K, RAM memories of up to 4 GB and cameras that are around the 32 Mpx smoothly. In the case of the X 25, a GPU Mali T880 ensures an execution right of those games more heavy.

mediatek helio

The family Snapdragon

Between 2015 and 2016 we have assisted to the creation of two new processors from Qualcomm and grouped in the series 800. The first of them, the 810, has received many critical by experience overheating while endures resolutions Ultra HD and be one of them more powerful in matter of image, since is prepared according to their manufacturers for support cameras of until 55 Mpx. allows the use of technologies of load fast and speeds maximum of 2 Ghz.

For trying to solve some shortcomings of its predecessor, subsequently is marketed the 820, that increases its frequency to them 2.2 Ghz and that, as the 810, allows see contained in resolution more high. Your GPU, an Adreno 530, not only would accelerate those games that require more quantity of resources, but also would ensure a saving of them themselves close to the 40%.

Kirin 955

At the time of make a review by them processors that can find in great part of them phablets of this year, just with a chip Made in China and that runs by counts of Huawei. The Asian company, like Samsung, aims to control the whole process of production of its models. For this, it has expanded its family of components Kirin, present in the recent flagships of the company and which is focused on optimizing the battery consumption. Among other strengths, is its speed, of 2.5 Ghz or its compatibility with terminals that exceed the 4 GB of RAM. It has a secondary processor responsible for managing sensor terminals and ensure its proper functioning and reduced response times.

Procesador Kirin Huawei

As you have seen, the efforts of the largest companies in the world focus in many cases improve the autonomy and speed to increase the performance of image, and on the other hand, the appearance of games and more powerful tools that require a high amount of processes to operate.

After learning more about the chips used in 2016 and its advantages, but also its disadvantages, do you think that it would be possible that reduced the number of manufacturers to produce more stable components? Do you think that the increase in benefits also has negative repercussions on the price of the terminals? You have available more information as for example, how to create processors, their classification according to their architecture and what are the tasks of each item included in them so you can learn more about a key part of the phablets that millions of people use daily.

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