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Periscope for Android adds the “multi-view” mode in its last update

While Twitter will allow issue video without need of Periscope, not fit doubt that the application of video in streaming continues being an of them apps favorite by them users of iOS and of Android. Precisely the latter that are already enjoying the novelties of Nougat, now also may run the multi-window with Periscope thanks to the latest update of the app.

After it functionality full of Periscope is added to them applications mobile of Twitter, it own company promised to them users that the application would continue being a Center for discover livestreams that would continue adding functions for all those that by a reason u another want to use the application without need of use Twitter. Keeping that promise, Twitter has updated the app several times since then and now, with the latest version of Periscope for Android, multi-windowsupport added.

It is not the only application that undergoes changes in the past few days. Without r mnas far the popular application of came a few days ago “it mutaba” formally in Vine Camera, an application oriented to record video clips similar to what allowed came in its principles.

Multi-view 7.0 Android

Possibly (and surely) the best use of multi-view in Android is to see them videos and broadcasts in streaming that is produce from any place of the world while we do use of other applications. Of this form can, for example, search any type of information that may require at the time of interact with some issuing or, tweet while contemplate a video given.

In executing the multi-view at Periscope for Android, chat that often multiplies the bottom half of the relay is hidden leaving only present the basic controls in the application. When making use of the application when no clip is not playing, it looks and works exactly as it had been doing so far.

multivenatna periscope

Of course, this development included in the latest update of Periscope for Android only works with those smartphones with the latest version of installed Google’s operating system, Android 7.0 has among its features mentioned “multi-view” function. The application update is now available for all users in Play Store, but can also be obtained from APKMirror.

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