Wednesday , June 19 2024

LG introduces the LG G Pad III 8.0: the information


The first generation of the LG G Pad, both of the high-end model and the basic range, conquered a good number of users, thanks to an attractive design and a good quality/price ratio, and it seems that their successors can go the same way. Today, a little by surprise, we …

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Wizard of Oz, again based on Candy Crush zinga

On other occasions we have mentioned that game for tablets and smartphones, in many cases, developers use film sagas with great success as an element of the claim, but also, to ensure a good reception of the future titles that launch. The Lord of the rings is one of these …

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Are the Chromebook “new” Android tablets?


No one escapes the arrival of Android applications to the Chromebook is one of the novelties with greater scope of how many we met over the past Google I/O. viewing the settings of a device such as Pixel C and knowing that tablets segment is gradually taking a turn towards …

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Twitter for iOS adds new gestures 3D Touch in its last update


Twitter has already received last September an update making compatible the application with 3D Touch, the by then newly released technology from Apple for the iPhone screen and that detect different levels of pressure in it. This update brought a series of gestures and actions limited to carry out with …

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Hello world!

Tech Action News, reviews, comparisons, tips and tricks about technology and mobile devices: Smartphones, Tablets, SmartWatches, Android, iPhone, iPad, Gadgets, Apps, Games…

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