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Sheet of Gionee P7, a terminal operating system Android 6.0 that includes personalization (in this case friend 3.2). With access to LTE networks, this model is a device that is placed in the range of input with interesting options and others that are not especially notable.

The model has some aspects of questionable, for example that has only 2,300 mAh. This means that autonomy is not particularly notable, especially if one takes into account that not re has fast download. By the way, that is include connectivity adequate, without you are missing WiFi and Bluetooth, and the port of connection by cables HOWTOs e sees in the tab technical of the Gionee P7 is microUSB, nothing of type C.

Processor is a quad-core from MediaTek which works at a frequency of 1.3 GHz. This is enough for basic applications, but with more complex it suffers in executing them. GPU, a Mali-T720, is correct with the game but is not expected to offer maximum performance. The RAM, by his part, is simply correct since is is in them 2 GB, by what nothing of great fanfare as is sensed in the tab technical of the Gionee P7.

More of the technical details of Gionee P7

The internal storage is one of the best details of terminal, since it offers 16 GB internal, with option to extend it through the use of cards microSD of up to 128 “gigas”. Apart, the device includes as is seen in the tab technical of the Gionee P7 of radio FM and is type Dual SIM, by which combines life personal and professional. This is something that should be assessed properly.

Finally, there is that comment that the resolution of the screen is of 720 p, by what not is exceed the 300 ppp of density of pixels. Panel IPS of 5 inches, and the truth is and that does not fit poorly into input range. The cameras not are nothing noteworthy, since the main is of 8 megapixel and, the front, as is sees in the tab technical of the Gionee P7 low to them 5 Mpx. A correct model, without great pretensions.

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