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Orbit legends: build your own world and fight in the

The fact that role-playing games are some of the most popular among users, has resulted not only in that I talk about them more often, but also that the efforts of the developers go to create titles in this genre that still stands between the saturation and the search for new recipes that allow overcome criticisms that can be found by many users and that it has to do with the monotony and rhythm boring at certain times in the game.

As I have mentioned on other occasions, the mix of topics is still the choice by many creators to launch new titles to be used increasingly and as results very similar works together. To try to differentiate yourself from this trend, we find titles as Legends of Orbit, which we then its salient features.


In an extreme environment in which we can find from forests in which just the light of the Sun, to regions covered by lava and fire, our mission is very simple: fight and survive against the enemies that appear all over the world. As it is usual, we find all kinds that rivals only can defeat through the acquisition of skills and special powers.

leyendas de orbit escenario

Role or simulation?

One of the distinguishing elements of Orbit legends is the fact that the players themselves can create their own scenarios in which configure the different battlefields. Another of the highlights is the possibility of choosing between a multitude of characters ranging from priestesses, assassins and mages. The social component is important, since in addition to the individual game modes, we can forge alliances with others or also, combat against groups of users from all over the world.


Legends of Orbit not has no cost initial as is usual in this type of games. However, one of its aspects more criticized is the need of a subscription for to enjoy of certain functions and the shopping integrated, that can get to them 110 euros by element. These factors may have part of the responsibility in the fact that currently, the game not exceeded half a million downloads on Google Play.

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