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OPPO R9s with super fast charging: battery at 100% in record time

The OPPO R9s, expected the OPPO R9relay, is about to candy. And it is that the team has just received the CCC certification in China, an indication that the model is prepared for its commercial launch. However, this electrical safety certification leaves in its wake some of the technical characteristics of the model. Highlights in this regard is the reference that tells us that this OPPO R9s will be the first of the mark in having the SuperVOCC technology that allows you to charge the battery in a sigh.

The last edition of the Mobile World Congress let see an of the innovations of the manufacturer of smartphones OPPO. The more prominent was the technology SuperVOOC, a system of load fast that achieved charge a battery of 2,500 mAh in 15 minutes. Now, six months after its announcement, the Asian manufacturer would be able to bring to market the first of their smartphones with this technology that will allow charging the battery in about 15 minutes.Presentación de la tecnologíad e carga súper rápida SuperVOOC

Charge the battery of your smartphone in 15 minutes? It is now a reality thanks to Oppo

Battery to 100% in record time

As already have indicated, the OPPO R9s would have received its relevant certification CCC or 3 c, a process legal in China that guarantees the safety electric of them devices electronic. This certification process stops after themselves a trail of information where the most important data refers to the rapid charging system. This would be that adopts the technology SuperVOOC, where the USB-C interface will allow a flow of energy of 5 volt and 4 amps of current.

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The result, according to initial testing and information provided by the manufacturer, is a load time of only 15 minutes for a battery with 2500 mAh capacity. In fact, 45% of the load is produced in just five minutes. Since the OPPO R9s would incorporate a battery of 2,800 mAh, is expected that the load suppose little more than those 15 minutes theoretical. As a comparative, currently Qualcomm with their Quick Charge 3.0 load 80% a battery of the same capacity in 35 minutes.Tecnología SuperVOOC con carga súper rápida del OPPO R9s

The Oppo R9 and R9 Plus already are officers, all their features and prices

OPPO R9s with loads super quick, a revolution

Therefore the OPPO R9s can be assumed in this sense a revolution in the sector. And it is that, while other manufacturers have greatly improved load times reduction technology with this OPPO R9s OPPO SuperVOOC puts mark on another level. And is that, do you imagine loading the battery of your smartphone in a slip of so only 15 minutes? In the worst of them cases, where them smartphones have of batteries of higher capacity, have of have in has that it load fast of OPPO also accelerates of form considerable the process in its first bars.

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