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Oppo is preparing a new phablet called R66

For 2016, we speak repeatedly of Oppo. The Chinese company, got to be among one of the most implemented worldwide. However, this affirmation hiding back some nuances as for example, a great presence in his country of origin that, due to the size of its own market internal, had got catapult to this and others technological of the nation more populated of the world between them 10 signatures more powerful or unless, with greater broadcasting. Once more, the strategy used went through the creation of terminals the tightest possible both price and features, trying to take a step beyond in terms of the quality and performance to compete effectively against a large number of Asian companies.

We carry only a month of 2017 and in it, we already have seen dozens of devices Made in China that are already putting the bar very high and in some cases, have been allowed to see in the first technological fairs of the year. Mid-range returns to once again be battlefield of a large part of industry players and Oppo intends to take part due to a device that would be working. This phablet would receive the name of R66 and then we’ll tell you what has already been able to know about it after seeing other models such as the R9 in recent months.

r9 plus colores


At the moment have not transcended details in this area, since the data that have been given to know, go focused image and performance among others. If we take into account the design features of previous models released by the company, it would not be rare to see a terminal whose roofs were made of metal and that counted with elements such as the fingerprint reader. On the other hand, the fact that in different portals has been postulated with its positioning in the low-medium range, could give rise to count with a polycarbonate covers. However, the time and their official announcement will have to confirm the final result.


According to them benefits offered by GFXBench and collected in portals as Gizchina, it more striking of the R66 in this matter would be their cameras: A back of 16 Mpx and a front of 12 that would be capable of recording videos in format Full HD and would have others functions as the autofocus or the detection facial. A screen 5.5 inch basic HD resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels and a set of emoticons, would complete these features. Do you think that they are balanced?

r66 prestaciones


Once again, MediaTek is once again the option chosen by Oppo to provide its next phablet of the possible highest speed. From GFXBench to ensure that it would have a chip MT 6750 capable of reaching peaks of 1.5 Ghz, which would be sufficient to support a display properties as those that I mentioned earlier. RAM, 4 GB, it would be linked to a capacity of initial storage of 32 that would be in about 26 after installation of the software and the basic functions. This last parameter can be expanded using Micro SD cards although it is unknown how much.

Operating system

While in revealed by GFXBench specification sheet, figure that the R66 will be equipped with Android 5.1, is given by the fact that this software will jump directly to Nougat to once be released. It has been confirmed that regardless of the Colour OSsoftware. However, these are mere speculations to be taken with caution and that, as in the case of design, will have to be revealed over time. On networks, we should find ourselves once more the usual support. Autonomy also remains a mystery to which should be added the question of if will be developed by the company fast-charging technology: SuperVOOC, and which was already presented about a year ago.

super vooc carga

Availability and price

As we have been saying throughout this entire article, the Oppo would be working at the moment in the preparation of this device which, for the time being, it has no initial departure date and your official starting price is not revealed. Considering once more that he would go to the lower-middle range, do in what price range you think that it could gather? Do you think that it could further lower their cost and placed on the doors of the phablets low-cost?

As you have seen, during 2017 we will see a new constant drip of phablets which may also be moved to larger formats. After learning more about the R66, and through a series of unknowns still pending to be resolved, you think that the company could repeat or overcome the results of previous exercises and its terminals being one of best sellers? Will the Chinese market be the only one that can guarantee good results? You have available more information on other handsets launched by the firm as the Find 9, which has positioned itself as one of the flagships of the technology during 2016 and now so you can say yourself.

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