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Opinion: Xiaomi has won Nexus as a geek’s reference mark

Xiaomi solvency is enabling the company to play a two-faced strategy. On the one hand, it is a signature of masses in their country of origin, with a very dedicated software to the tastes and habits of the Chinese market. On the other hand, is turned into a real gold mine for the European user type / American who like change ROM and carry out modifications at their terminals, thanks to a mellow scene of development in each of its models.

A few years ago, perhaps up to 5 Nexus -the Nexus 7 of 2013, the devices of Google brand had tremendous strength among the specialized public. The reduced price for their products (keeping performance of height), ease to install alternative ROMs or enjoy the day of its launch, Android updates made these models a real candy for techies. That same year, however, a team that would represent the beginning of a relay saw the light. He is concerned, how not, Xiaomi Mi3.

Nexus 5, a terminal not only for geeks. Google boasts sales

Year 2014: you did everything

Google takes a radical turn in its pricing policy in the year 2014, raising the range from 200-300 to 600 euros, and making your Nexus 6 not prove absolutely accessible for limited budgets. From our point of view, this terminal manufactured by Motorola, marked a before and an after product line the of Mountain View, generating controversy not only mentioned about its price, but also by their size, which did not convince many.

Xiaomi evolucion

At the same time, from China, were two jewels to collect part of the essence that Google had been left on the road: on the one hand, the OnePlus One, with Cyanogen OS series and a tremendous potential in terms of customization, and by another, Xiaomi Mi4, a device capable of enormous impact not so excessive as the OnePlus campaigns, unbeatable quality/price , simply because of the reputation which his predecessor had gotten.

2015-2016: transition and consolidation

By the year 2015; Google comes to republish his passion between geeks with the Nexus 5 X, a device also manufactured by LG, that fails to give the nail on the head start: Although now, after its price has stabilized around 250 euros, is gaining space, initial pull was scarce. Too much mid-range priced around 400 euros. The OnePlus 2, meanwhile, sank from Cyanogen OS to Oxygen, raising prices and not meeting expectations in many areas of the product.

Google Nexus 6P Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro

For his part, Xiaomi nailed it with the phablets (despite not having flagship clear in that year) especially with the Redmi Note 2 and 3, having continuity in the Redmi Note 3 Pro and My Max during the first phase from 2016. This year, in addition, Xiaomi Mi5 rose to the landmark category, getting placed in many media such as the Galaxy S7direct rival, to occur the same day as the flagship of Samsung. Only had to see the staging of the machine: Hugo Barra was almost 20 minutes explaining the operation of the optical stabilizer of your camera in the MWC, something that left the technology lovers absolutely in love.

A powerful community around Xiaomi

Taking as a basis a product category to a very short price and, at the same time, the need for tinkering to get adapted to international applications, Xiaomi has become the jewel in the Crown of public geek. It is clear that if one buys a Xiaomi Mi5, as it comes from factory, you will have to put it to point by installing a ROM (either MIUI or based on AOSP) with more languages and Google PlayFlash. In fact, it is part of the grace of this company and although some shops are selling their units with the modifications made, fans typically prefer remove them the seal to the box.

xiaomi scene android

For a few months I used a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro as a personal device, I participated in one or another group of Telegram and in forums, and there is absolute geek passion by the Chinese company. Users who each day try a different ROM and shared impressions, autonomy measurements or benchmarks, linked sales of different shops or looking for covers and other accessories from our huge catalog of AliExpress. On the other hand, every time it makes less sense to mess with a Nexus, especially since they are teams of 600 euros and one false step can leave the terminal unusable.

Redmi Note 3 Pro: Reflections after a month with the economic phablet of Xiaomi

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