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Opera supports the hacking of its service of synchronization

As an inevitable evil, every few weeks have to echo us of news related to breaches of security or malware of all types affecting different devices or applications. The latter always tend to be the most popular and used by millions of users, such as today, having the browser Opera as a victim. Because we have known that the service of synchronization of the browser has been hacked with unpredictable consequences for the users, also of the version mobile.

Opera is has seen forced to reset the passwords of their users as result of that one of its servers has been hacked recently.

Synchronization between devices of Opera has been the main affected

One of the most characteristic services browser operates in all its versions and which serves as a link between all of them is Opera Sync. This service allows you to synchronize the data of the browser and settings among all the devices that we use the browser, including our phone if we have installed the mobile version of Opera. As often happens with all this type of attacks by hackers, it seems that the end of hostilities has been to obtain information from users, including passwords and account names.

Opera Sync

The service operates has nearly two million users worldwide, representing a small percentage of the 350 million users that counts, but at the end and at Cape is the violation of many account information.

Opera logo

Opera in addition to supporting this hack has reacted to it and has already sent an email to users requesting that they reinstate your password as soon as possible so that your account is not exposed. Yesterday we did ECHO also that Dropbox had asked its users that they reinstated their account password if for some reason they had not done it since 2012.

  • Have you not changed the password for the Dropbox from 2012? Because you will have to do it

Seems that the problem of Dropbox would have been similar to the of Opera, having been exposed all this information after the hack of Linkedin in 2012, leaving exposed the data of more than 117 million of accounts that subsequently were published. Although the hack has only affected a portion of its customers, Opera must be very alert so that this episode does not become a method of distraction for one major attack.

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The article Opera admits the hacking of its service of synchronization is published in MovilZona.

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