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OnePlus launches the OnePlus 3T in Cyber Monday, price and promotions

OnePlus has chosen a day very particular, Cyber Monday, to put on sale its OnePlus 3 T. Don’t expect that to have a release is going to reduce the price of the equipment but some of its accessories if they have promotion.

The relay or the renewal of the last terminal of OnePlus OnePlus 3T, is already on sale and so has chosen a so curious launch day as Cyber Monday.

The OnePlus 3T in its launch price

3T OnePlus price is 439 euros for his version of 64 GB and $ 479 for the 128 GB model. In two models with gunmetal colors or gold (this only has 64 GB version) can consult in our database the OnePlus 3T datasheet and compare with others in our comparison of mobile market.

OnePlus 3T oxygen OS

However, the question for many will be take this OnePlus 3 is more cheap or buy me the OnePlus 3T for a couple of tens of euros more? The response the have in this comparative as externally, those two teams are exactly equal.

OnePlus Cyber Monday deals

And is that we have said that OnePlus chose Cyber Monday to launch its new mobile and although it does not offer in their latest Smartphone, if you have some other discount partner to purchase for their accessories and previous models of their mobile.

In reality, what we have are the Black Friday of OnePlus offerings moved to Cyber Monday, with things like OnePlus 2 to 318 euros or OnePlus X to 238 euros.

OnePlus 3T en color dorado

OnePlus 3 or the OnePlus 3T have Big or Go Home 3 OnePlus Bundle or the OnePlus 3T with a 10% discount, or as in the case of the Essentials Bundle of OnePlus 3-3T that also enjoy a 10% discount. Dash Power charger also has a 5% discount as well as Dash Power Bundle.

More Cyber Monday online deals

How we made the length and width of the two weeks that have actually lasted for Black Friday this year, we are going to finish off the “task”, as they say in slang taurine, with Cyber Monday and we are already collecting all offers that are coming out on Amazon and other distributors and with which you can pick up a last minute offer or a good win a mobile phone on this last day of big savers before of Christmas.

You can also follow all the Cyber Monday deals at this link.

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