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OnePlus 3T vs Huawei Nova Plus: comparative

Another essential phablet in the emerging field of medium/high range is the new Huawei Nova Plus and to it we will today confront the OnePlus 3T in our comparative. Although always is difficult for a manufacturer conventional compete with them low-cost, if there is one capable of do it is surely Huawei, that has harvested its current popularity thanks in good measure to their adjusted prices. We will check reviewing the technical specifications of both how closely has been on this occasion.


Taking in has that Huawei tends to leave us even in them models more affordable of its range Honor housing metal, not could be wait less for this Nova Plus, that not has nothing that envy in finishes and materials, therefore, to the OnePlus 3T. As it could not be less, the two also have fingerprint reader (on the front in the OnePlus phablet and rear in the Huawei).


In the paragraph of dimensions us found with differences minimum both in size (15.27 by 7.47 cm front 15.18 by 7.57 cm) as in thickness (7.4 mm front 7.3 mm) as in weight (158 grams facing 160 grams), by what is entirely impossible give you advantage to none of them two, that in them hands must of seem virtually identical.

oneplus 3t negro


Nor there is much to tilt the balance of a side u another in the paragraph of screen, since in both cases have 5.5 inch, resolution Full HD (1920 by 1080) and, consequently, a density of pixels of 401 PPI. The only data that them distinguished is that the OnePlus 3T uses a panel AMOLED, while in the Nova Plus have a LCD.


Your hardware is always one of the main attractive of the OnePlus facing others low-cost and it same us found to the compare it with the Nova Plus even while this arrives with a quite interesting Snapdragon 625 (eight nuclei and 2.0 GHz of frequency maximum) and 3 GB of memory RAM. His rival, however, can boast of riding a Snapdragon 821 (four cores and 2.35 GHz) and 6 GB of memory RAM.

Capacity of storage

In terms of storage capacity, which is the most interesting of us depend on our priorities in this regard: the OnePlus 3T has more internal memory (64 GB) but does not give us the possibility of extending it externally, while the Nova Plus comes with “only” 32 GB, but features micro-SDcard slot.

huawei nova plus


In the section on cameras OnePlus 3T is made with the victory thanks to its frontal camera 16 MP, which exceeds hassle 8 MP found in the Nova Plus. If selfies camera, however, do not we are concerned too, the Huawei phablet can be just as good, since they are very close in specs for the front camera, with 16 MP, f/2.0 aperture and optical stabilizer of image in both cases.


Light advantage for the OnePlus 3T in what regard to the capacity of the battery (3400 mAh facing 3400 mAh), probably not enough as for to portend a victory in them tests of use real, taking in has that the autonomy depends on much also of the consumption. There will be that wait to see the results of them tests independent, therefore, to take conclusions final.


Also in this case us found with two phablets that is are very next in price and, surprisingly, is the of Huawei which would be something more cheap, while the difference is negligible: the OnePlus 3T is sold by 440 euros and the Nova Plus is announced by 430 euros (although is begins to see in some distributors of import by prices below them 400 euros). The difference of 10 euros, in all case, probably not will be determinant for almost no buyer, by what seems that should be his design and their respective points strong and weak the factors decisive.

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