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OnePlus 3T vs Galaxy A7 (2016): comparative

We ended up with a comparative in which we are going to deal with the technical specifications of the new OnePlus 3T with the last phablet of the range that seems to have given rise to this thriving medium-range: the Galaxy A7 (2016). To what extent we can or not merit worth betting on the phablet low-cost rather than by the Samsung? Is the difference in terms of quality/price ratio between the two really big? You have data that you yourselves decide it.


Not only there are that say that with both are going to to enjoy of them finished premium own of it housing metal and of the already essential reader of traces digital, but even aesthetically us found with two devices quite similar, mostly in the front, since the location of the reader of traces in it part of ahead of the OnePlus 3T has finished by approach your design much to the of them Galaxy of Samsung.


Samsung always gets very good ratios display / size and again in this occasion we can see that the new Galaxy A7 is even something more compact that the OnePlus 3T (15.27 by 7.47 cm front 15,15 x 7.41 cm). Are also very next in thickness (7.4 mm front 7.3 mm) and only in the weight is seen a difference clear (158 grams front 172 grams).

oneplus 3t negro


The coincidence in terms of technical specifications is already absolute in the screen section: both size (5.5 inch), as resolution (1920 x 1080) as, therefore, the density of pixels (401-PPI), are the same in both devices. The two used AMOLED instead of LCD panels.


While there are important differences in the performance section and are in favor of the OnePlus 3T, something that may not surprise because this is always one of his strengths: while in him we have a Snapdragon 821 (four cores and 2.35 GHz frequency) and 6 GB of RAM, while the new Galaxy A7 have a 7580 Exynos (of eight cores and 1.6 GHz frequency) and 3 GB of RMA.

Storage capacity

He OnePlus 3T has to his please in the paragraph of capacity of storage the have of much more memory internal (64 GB front 16 GB), but the last Galaxy A7 has here an attractive important that is the give us the possibility of use storage external, since it itself has with slot for card micro-SD.

Samsung A7


Although the last Galaxy A7 camera takes advantage in aperture (f/2.0 vs f/1.9), victory in number of Megapixels is clear for the OnePlus 3T, both in regards to the main Chamber (16 MP to 13 MP), and especially what is concerned to the front, especially now that it has greatly increased its power on than its predecessor (16 MP facing 5 MP).


In the section on autonomy, we start with another draw absolute, now relating to their respective battery capacity, which is in both cases 3400mah. In spite of this, we can not assure that it will not have substantial differences in actual use, consumption, as you know, is a factor just as important. As always, will have to wait for independent tests to see which of the two is finally winning.


While he appeared already some time ago, in Spain still is hard to find this year’s Galaxy A7 model (the previous model can be found more easily and with very attractive prices but, logically, its technical specifications are also lower in some sections), but in some dealers can get with the import model for prices that , so certain is that vary enough but that tend to haunt them 300 euros. He OnePlus 3T, by his part, is sold by 440 euros, which by a time, and although with conditions something special, you would give the advantage to the phablet of Samsung in this sense.

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