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OnePlus 3 receives an update that will optimize the video 4K recording

If at the beginning of month the OnePlus 3 received Oxygen you 3.2.1 with improvements for the management of the memory RAM or the mode sRGB for the screen, today the manufacturer announces the early availability of Oxygen you 3.2.2. According to the log of changes, the Chinese will focus on polishing the 4 k camera video recording, although it will not be the only improvement.

While the previous update acquired greater relevance by it need that was supposed to improve the operation and performance of the OnePlus 3, the manufacturer returns to launch a new update three weeks after. Is is of Oxygen you 3.2.2, a version that is focused in the camera, but also keeps the interest by the good operation of them notifications and other improvements and news, in addition to add them last patches of security.Botones del OnePlus 3

Why they the 6 GB of RAM of the 3 OnePlus held so little?

Retouching software

The commercial launch of the OnePlus 3 has been a challenge for the Asian company. Despite the balance between performance and price, the initial errors experienced by the OnePlus 3 have required the Department of software an effort extra. And is that have been needed several patches to solve them different problems that the first users were detecting in them first bars. The most significant we can consider it precisely the previous corresponding update with Oxygen OS 3.2.1 and you editing a configuration poorly calibrated on the use of the 6 GB of RAM in the multitasking of the system, among others.Cámara del OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 already has its first official version of CyanogenMod 13

Oxygen OS 3.2.2 for OnePlus 3

After lots of optimizations with Oxygen OS 3.2.1, now comes a new update with other interesting improvements. As already indicated, is is of Oxygen you 3.2.2 and includes a series of optimizations focused to improve the quality of the recording of video in resolution 4 K. And it is the firm upgraded to 4 K video recording, as well as an improvement in the system of noise in the video recording.

As the manufacturer exposes, also has exploited the release of Oxygen you 3.2.2 for include small improvements such as the addition of a paragraph for the NFC in the settings fast.OnePlus 3 vista delantera y trasera

In what refers to notifications, its operation has been optimized when OnePlus 3 remains in mode doze (energy savings), as well as adjustments for the operation of the side button alerts and silence.

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Finally, Oxygen OS 3.2.2 also adds automatic configuration that the fingerprint sensor turns off once the OnePlus 3 is introduced into a Pocket, as well as the latest available security patches.

The update of Oxygen you 3.2.2 will arrive during the next days to the OnePlus 3 via OTA.

The article the OnePlus 3 receives a update that will optimize the recording of video 4 K is published in MovilZona.

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