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On7: It will be the new Samsung affordable phablets sector

2016 has been an intense year in consumer electronics. On the one hand, we have witnessed the escalation of positions of Chinese firms in the market to stand among the top worldwide. By another, have been witnesses of a situation complex in which the numbers of units sold both in tablets as in smartphones, have suffered large oscillations. However, all these factors have not been a major setback for other companies such as Samsung, which continue to enjoy a comfortable position and in the case of the South Korean, translates into a market share exceeding 20%.

The Asian technology has launched several tablets this year that aims to keep non-saturation affecting the sector. At the same time, it has presented and marketed some flagships as the Galaxy Note 7 of which I spoke a few weeks ago. However, the high range is not the only segment which seeks to contact the company of Seoul, since he would be preparing a new terminal called On 7, which then you have more features that have been released and which seeks to position itself as an option to be considered between devices that are located on the border between the input range and the average.

Samsung logo negro


Pending that confirmation of the material from which the shells will be composed speculates with metallic finishes. It is known that the new Samsung will be available in three colors: Black, pink, and gold. On the other hand, has confirmed that it will be equipped with a fingerprint reader, a component already settled this year. In terms of its size and its weight, would be speaking, as it collects AndroidAyuda, about 151 × 77 mm, a thickness of 8 and a weight that would be around 167 grams.


Note 7-Galaxy has been rated as one of the phablets with best features in this field of the entire market, but what can offer On 7? This device would mount a diagonal of 5.5 inches to which we must add a resolution Full HD 1920× 1080 pixels. In terms of cameras, will come with a lens 13 megapixel rear and a front of 8 who may be prepared to record content in high definition. It would be logical to tell with other functions such as the LED Flash and the auto focus as well as different modes of image capture that also have been consolidated in this 2016.

on7 camara


In recent weeks we have spoken of a multitude of devices, mostly Asian, where we can see how the processor and memory serve as parameters to group them within any of the great families. In this case, we would be facing a media phablet in the strict sense which, curiously, does not have a family Exynos chip manufactured by Samsung, but would mount a Snapdragon 625 which could reach the 2 Ghz. In terms of your ability, you break with a RAM 3 GB to which we add an initial 32 GB expandable storage capacity up to 256 via MicroSD card.

Operating system

Here we find no great surprises. Marshmallow will be the interface equipped in the phablet of Samsung TouchWiz, the layer’s own customization developed by the company that among its most striking aspects, includes variations on the icons of the apps is added to it. In terms of connectivity, it is expected that he has support for both 3 G and 4 G and next-generation wireless networks and is also standard on all models in its category announced and launched during 2016.

Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S5 touchwiz

In autonomy, since AndroidAyuda is given for granted that it will feature a battery of considerable size that will be around the 3300 mAh and that will also come accompanied by a fast charging technology. Its landing on the market help solve mysteries related to the duration of the same with different uses.

Availability and price

Presented of way official makes some days, the first place in which On 7 will come out to the street will be Chinese. The idea of Samsung begin in the country of the great wall, can hide the intention of the signing by consolidation in a market that is still consolidating and that local brands have great weight. However, it would be logical that it expanded to other regions with the passage of time. In terms of its cost, before I commented that it would be included within the average range. It would be around 220 euros and would be right on the border between more affordable handsets and features something higher.

After knowing what will be the next thing we will see from South Korea, do you think that On 7 comes at the right time to become a phablet to keep in mind during the Christmas season? Think that the greater implementation of other technological Asian will be a determinant that will determine its host? While the time helps to resolve these issues, you have available more information on other devices released by the firm as the Galaxy Note 7.

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