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Offers to take over the new UMi Super 4G, UMi Max 4 G-UMi PLUS

If you are a fan or you like phones from Asia, sure that you followed the track to UMi and their new releases. We are talking about very complete terminals, with metallic finishes and prices not exceeding 200 euros and that, in addition, Gearbest offers the new UMi Super 4 G, Max 4 G and Plus.

There are some that still not are to the sale, as the UMi Plus of which you have spoken makes very little, but them others already carry time and have captured the interest of many users, mostly of which dive in the import to do is with a good bargain from East. In this case, it is Gearbest who brings us this offer for three of the latest releases of brand UMi, UMi Plus we just comment and the new UMi Super 4 G and Max 4 G.

New 4G priced “super” Super UMi

Starting with Super UMi 4G, the only one that already is available, it is a terminal with 5.5 inch Full HD and Android 6.0. Offers a processor MediaTek helium P10, one of them octa-core to 2.0 Ghz that is triumphing in the range medium and that comes accompanied of a memory RAM of 4 GB.

UMI Super 4G plateado

With 32 GB of storage and possibilities of expand it through cards MicroSD, offers elements of range high as the sensor of fingerprint fingerprint low it camera of 13 MP with flash of LED-5 MP in the front- or the port USB Type C of last generation for the generous load of the battery of 4,000 mAh besides all the Repertoire of connections as Bluetooth 4.1 , WiFi and all the bands 4 G FDD-LTE (800 Mhz included).

The price of the equipment is 200,99 dollars, a 28% cheaper than normal and you can find it here.

Launch of UMi Max 4 G-UMi PLUS offers

We now turn to those who are still to come, starting with the UMi Max 4 G. This team as the former has a 5.5 inch display and a processor octa – core helium P10 but reaches 1.8 Ghz with 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space. Also offers a reader of fingerprint fingerprint, port USB Type C and the camera reaches them 13 MP as well as them 5 MP to the front, with all the set of connections as Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi and 4 G as well as a battery of 4,000 mAh.

UMi Max 4G en dos colores

This equipment is offered in Gearbest at a price of $169,99 and gray, and gold colors with a shipment scheduled for October 4.

And it is on 4 October the day to which you will have available the offer of UMi Plus, we have left to the end but it could be the most interesting. In the campaign of pre-sales in Gearbest is can get a discount of 40 dollars on the price of release of $219,99.

UMi Plus en dorado, vistas pantalla y trasera

Among his credentials, as well as a captivating design in metallic materials, is a screen also 5.5 FullHD signed by Sharp, Android 6.0, fingerprint sensor this time under the Home button with Touch ID 2.1, MediaTek helium P10 processor to maximum power, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB or 256 GB of expandable storage space other 256 GB with microSD , Chamber of 13 MP with sensor Samsung and lens of 5 elements, battery of 4,000 mAh, USB Type C, dual SIM, and all the connections, without missing any band 4 G nor

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