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Offers of Bluboo in the Black Friday with mobile from 50 euros

Bluboo Chinese brand is also targeted to Black Friday that although it is tomorrow, “official” launched today gives itself. With this reason, them offers of Bluboo in the Friday black are of until $30, something that for some mobile so cheap is quite interesting because depart of them 50 euros.

Bluboo, of which have spoken lately by the price promotional of the Bluboo Edge and the news with his Bluboo Dual with double camera and Kirin 960, is points to the offers of the Black Friday and makes a discount direct in all their products.

Is by this that makes discounts of 30, 20, 10, 10 and $5 in your mobile Bluboo Edge, Maya Max, Uwatch, Picasso 4 G and Mini. Can consult all the prices in this link and check as them already of by itself attractive prices of this brand still are more appetizing with them offers of the Black Friday that is applying.

Bluboo offers offers at the Black Friday with mobile for all those pockets

Mobile depart from 50 euros and are obviously designed for different types of users, who are looking for a mobile cheap but competent, those who want something more than a pretty design or, as in the case of the Bluboo Edge, lovers of the curved screens.

anuncio bluboo edge

In this sense, those who want to find an interesting gift for this Christmas and not to spend much money have the Bluboo Picasso 4 G – as the name suggests is compatible with LTE networks-, or the Mini Bluboo – which is only 3 G with 4.5 inch screen – with the cheapest price of all.

anuncio bluboo picasso 4G

anuncio bluboo mini rojo

Already if we go to that intended for lovers of the big screens, no doubt will set in the Mayan Bluboo Max and its 6-inch screen that are also resistant to splashing water.

anuncio bluboo maya max

Everything is completed, too, with a very economic proposal in the field of wearables. He Bluboo Uwatch, a device that, on the other hand, enters in a draw for all who do their shopping in this Black Friday.

anuncio bluboo uwatch

All the offers that you have commented are in this special web page that the manufacturer has created and you can see more details such as point of sale attached thereto and where are going to be able to sign up for the draw of the Uwatch to be announced through the official company forums and reach two users each day until 30 November when these offers are finished.

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