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Now you can download and install Android Nougat in the Google Nexus 5

He Google Nexus 5 was one of them terminals more famous of the company and one of the best examples of that LG could return to do them things well after their last failures within the field of it telephony mobile. With the arrival of Android Nougat were many which is regretted of that the system operating left out of game to the terminal, being only available for the Nexus 6 p, Nexus 5 X and Nexus 6.

However there are that understand this decision, since we are before a terminal with almost 3 years, as was released to the market in October of 2013. This has not been an excuse for the developer Santhosh M, who, much earlier than expected by the technology community, has managed to install and run the operating system in a Google Nexus 5.

Simply an only day after the release of the code source of Android Nougat, the known developer has been capable of porting the firmware of Google to its Nexus 5, although as tends to happen in these cases, not is all it stable and functional that could want.

android nougat en nexus

To the deal are of a version preliminary and modified of Android Nougat, not can expect much of this ROM. In fact it is the own developer who warns that, for example, the connectivity Bluetooth and camera don’t work on the Google Nexus 5, so any user should install this ROM if you want to use the phone on a daily basis. It is expected that the same developer or other users of XDA soon find the solution to these problems, and publish a version modified Androidnougat for Google Nexus 5.

Download and install Android Nougat on Google Nexus 5

Even with these warnings, if you want to install Android Nougat in your Google Nexus 5 sacrificing such essentials as the Bluetooth and camera, in XDA is has hung the ROM image for anyone who wishes to download it.

Of course, to perform the modification in your terminal need to have installed in the device the recovery TWR

  • Download the ROM of Android Nougat for Nexus 5
  • You perform a Full Wipe of the terminal and install the ROM downloaded in the previous step
  • Restart the Google Nexus 5
  • Just start the device ignores the problems with bluetooth message

And ready! Now you can enjoy the latest OS from Google in your Nexus device and try first-hand innovations leading to the company smartphones Android Nougat .

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