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Nougat can help to transform the sector of the tablets?

After months of unknowns, speculation and a drip constant of information about Nougat, the new Member of the family Android has landed’s way official. Presented of way official in winter, little by little have left knowing more features on the software of them of Mountain View. Developers and users of all the world have State to the expected of a platform that aims to sit a before and a then in the sector of the electronic of consumption and that, next to its companions as Lollipop or Marshmallow, arrives to more than 1,300 million of terminals of all the world.

In a time in which the sector of the tablets is located in a point of inflection, the arrival of the new system operating can assume a blow of air fresh. He stagnation of them figures of sales of the greater part of them companies and the saturation caused by a great offer and the existence of hundreds of manufacturers, regardless of their size, are two of them challenges pending to which has that face is this format. However, the appearance of the convertible models, and on the other hand, the gradual implementation of Nougat appear to be two factors that can ensure its future. Then, you have how can join is both and how can affect in the trajectory of these stands to short and medium term.

Android 7 lanzamiento

Nexus, the spearhead

The own terminals developed by Google will be the first in count of series with the new interface. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the arrival of Nougat will be gradual, and today some companies such as Samsung are already preparing to provide their most recent devices support to upgrade to Android 7.0. In the field of smartphones, highlights the Nexus 6 and the 6 p. On the other hand, in the of the tablets, we find with Pixel C.


Since they began to get to know some of the most attractive features of Nougat, you have been desevlando more about them. Some have denied while than others, have been confirmed in the course of the months. Among the most striking of the new software we can find are the Quick settings, with which you can enable or disable more easily all networks that the terminal. Also the new notification system and direct answers that will allow us to reply to messages without closing applications that run at the same moment.

android n notificaciones

Towards the sector professional

One of the factors of their success, has also been one of the big limitations driven by Android since its inception. The lack of functions directed towards models professional and its approach to a public more generalized, has coincidido with a boom in which them formats convertible have had a presence almost residual. However, circumstances have changed and now, the 2 in 1 have become the ball of oxygen of many companies. To try to maintain the position in this format that Windows is a reference even though its implementation is much less, version 7 incorporates the multi-window mode, very demanded by all kinds of users and that it is accompanied by the “work mode” which, we can configure a list of apps that we want to keep open while we are working.

A wink to the gamers

On other occasions, I have told that the approach to other groups is still one of the strategies followed by some manufacturers. Focused on productivity tablets are an example to which we must add devices made for players. For these last, Nougat incorporates Vulkan, which optimizes performance of most heavyweight titles by combining an improvement in graphics and experience when it comes to enjoy them, and on the other hand, a saving of resources.

Acer Predator 8 con procesador Intel

Nougat and the reality Virtual

Finally, we could not forget a trend quickly consolidated during this 2016 and that ensures to give much to talk about in 2017. The reality Virtual is being one of them betting both in tablets as in smartphones. For Android, this advance is yield in DayDream, of which already you talked previously, and that is yield in the output of new terminals compatible with this technology.

As you have seen, Android Nougat is loaded with new features that are intended to improve the interaction of users with their devices. On the other hand, Mountain View’s aim to consolidate itself as a reference in several areas which until now, constituted one of its weaknesses. An example is in the tablets to the workplace. After you learn more about how you could help the new Member of the family of the Green robot to improve the situation of larger devices, do you think that will still require a time and more stable versions of the software are released to be able to verify the scope of Nougat? Do you think that we we have a new generation of operating systems that can bring a change of course not only to the older formats? You have available more information as for example, one list of the features of this platform so that you can say to yourselves.

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