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Noodles!, free as App of the week

No, App of the week in the App Store has nothing to do with the popular Asian noodles, but that, as you can imagine, this is a game that sometimes we can remember them, although the title also takes advantage of the double meaning of the word in English to refer to the effort that we have to do to overcome it. We present Noodles!

A puzzle about connections

Many puzzles games us challenged to find a way to reach a certain point dodging obstacles, but in Noodles!, on the contrary, we have to do is create us the same road to travel. How? Simply connecting the pieces presented in each level and have shapes similar to the pieces of pipe.

noodles ios

If this sounds too simple, it is because there is still that add an extra difficulty, and we are not going to be able to move the pieces where are, but that the only thing we can do is turn it. At the beginning, when there are few pieces, it is not difficult to see the correct orientaciń, but when each one of them is surrounded on all sides and multiply the possibilities of connection, the thing is complicated.

No distractions

Noodles! It is one of those puzzle games that you trust everything to the satisfaction that we will produce to solve each of the puzzles and that does not lose too with graphics or animations, but upside down, time commitment to a minimalist aesthetic.

We can concentrate, therefore, on to solve each of the levels that we presented, and better so be, because the score you get for each is not only related to the number of movements that we need, but also takes into account the time that we use.

Free for a limited time

Noodles! An application is not too expensive (its regular price is 2 euros), but it is always interesting to have the opportunity to be with her free and insurance that is a key incentive for many that would not prove it from having to pay. Once downloaded, in addition, in-app can forget shopping. So do not think it you lot, because you know that we only have until next Thursday to take advantage of the promotion.

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