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Nintendo Announces bracelet Pokémon Go Plus delayed until September

Bad news for all those coaches that hoped to help is of the bracelet Pokemon Go Plus for upload of level quickly in the title of Nintendo and Niantic. Few minutes ago the big N announced on Twitter, the wearable, which serves as a complement to the game not due out in July in our country, but we have to wait until September.

Stone we are left to see the tweet from Nintendo Spain where Announces bracelet Pokemon GO Plus delay until end of summer, just when many Pokémon GO players will not have much time to devote to the application.

We remind that bracelet Pokemon Go Plus, which is on sale in USA, is a complement to Pokémon GO that would help the “coaches” to be more effective searching and hunting Pokemon since the wearable is synchronized with your smartphone via bluetooth to alert the players in the presence of a Pokemon in the surroundings through lights and a vibration system. Of this way is avoids have to go looking constantly the screen of the smartphone.

Attachment #PokemonGO Plus will come in September rather than at the end of July. Thank you for your patience, coaches!

-Nintendo (@NintendoES) Spain July 27, 2016

Too late?

Pokémon GO “boom” has been incredible. Few remember a similar success to which the Nintendo game has been exposed. Millions of users worldwide have downloaded the app for Android and iOS and have taken to the streets to hunt the greater number of small possible monsters. Just with look is to the window to see to several groups of players of all them ages contemplate your smartphone while seek them Pokemon of your area.

However, this “boom” begins to deflate. Nintendo shares have already fallen by 18% in the last hours and many users who are beginning to abandon the game unable to get new items or always the same Pokemon in your area.

pokémon go plus

Is by this that wait to September to launch the bracelet Pokemon GO Plus can be a strategy of it more dangerous for Nintendo. If to day of today the game begins to show symptoms of exhaustion, can that September is too late so them players is do with the device, more still if have in has that this date coincides with the home of the course school.

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