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Ninja Spinki, new game for Android and iOS from the creators of Flappy Bird

One of the fields is more developed in Android and iOS is the theme of video games. We are seeing more and more manufacturers began to make large investments in this field, and today, we bring you the Ninja Diademy, new game for Android and iOS from the creators of the Flappy Bird.

In the year 2016 have seen as there have been two differential games to the rest. The Clash Royale and the Pokémon GO. These two games fought to become the best game in 2016, but ultimately was Clash Royale who beat Pokémon GO. Today, we told you how is the new game from the same people that Flappy Bird created.

Ninja Spinki, new game Flappy Bird people

The Flappy Bird was one of the most famous games that have taken place on the mobile device. It was crazy when went on the market, since everyone had it downloaded on your mobile. He scored both in the mobile to Android copied game system to add it to your operating system and put it as Easter Egg of the latest versions of Android. The simplicity of this game was that it was so addictive.

Because Yes, the developer of Flappy Bird has returned, creating a new game for Android and iOS. This new game is called Ninja Diademy Challenges, and also has a simple mechanics. It’s a game starring a ninja, in which we must avoid various objects that are moving to the people from one side to another. You can also shoot with this ninja, but it will always be on the same screen.

The graphics of this game have nothing to do against games like the Clash Royale or Pokémon GO, but it is, as we saw in the Flappy Bird, this game is not known for it. It looks close to the 8-bit, as we also saw in their last game.

Will it have the same success as the Flappy Bird again?

This game is going to have to compete with its predecessor, which was a game that left the bar very high. We do not believe it will have the same success, since games as the Flappy Bird we find very little, either by its simple, mechanical or because Word spread very fast. So we’ll see how it behaves the Ninja Spinki.

We will see in a few weeks if this game remains as played and downloaded, and will be aware of the information that comes out. For now, you can download this game both in Google Play as in the App Store, and its cost is free, so we invite you to try it and they tell us what you think, to see if he can be as addictive as it was the Flappy Bird.

WP-Appbox: Ninja Diademy Challenges! (Free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Ninja Diademy Challenges! (Free, App Store) →

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