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Niantic allows to the players expelled back to Pokémon GO, but not to all

A few days ago we told you that Niantic had made official the bans for cheats in Pokémon. All those that had used tools to have an advantage on the rest of players to hunt more Pokemon would be banned or expelled. Now we have known that many of those expelled are becoming the game of Niantic, although still having many others who remain driven out of Pokémon GO by the “gravity” of their actions in the game.

Niantic wants Pokémon GO is a game more balanced as possible, and this has been by banning players “have done trap” in a systematic way. All recall the two main tools used by them players banned, which showed them Pokemon that had close and that that us allowed hunt them without moving us of the sofa. Well, to Niantic not is just as serious to use a type of tool to another.

The return of those banned to Pokemon GO

Niantic has issued today a statement in which explains the why some users are turning to have its has active after the study them had banned. Basically ensure that many users have used the tools to know them Pokemon that had about ignoring the damage real that make these applications to the development of the game. According to Niantic them processes that lead to out these applications in second flat in them servers of Pokemon GO are similar to those of an attack DDos when are so many them users that them used, as had come occurring just before them bans from Niantic.

Mapa de PokeMesh para Pokémon GO

This gave as result the fall of numerous servers and the impossibility of be able to identify is in the game. Now that have improved their infrastructure, the company understands that many of these players not have incurred in a lack serious to the use these tools to locate Pokemon and may return to have his has active in Pokemon GO, provided resign to use them, in case contrary will be banned again.

Pokémon GO pikachu

That they will have no forgiveness from Niantic are those that at the time they used tools to hunt remotely Pokemon and without moving from home, according to the developer this will continue with their accounts banned permanently. It seems that after a Solomonic decision of banning anyone who had used external to Pokémon GO with your account applications, Niantic is entering because of new and giving a second chance to some players who did not know the damage they could be doing the game with their practices.

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The Niantic article permits the expelled players to Pokémon GO, but all have been published in MovilZona.

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