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NewsTab, is it possible to read magazines from around the world in a single app?

In the field of informational apps, we can find two large families: on the one hand, those developed by own means of communication whether written or audiovisual trying to blur the barriers between them and provide an experience more immersive to the public, and on the other hand, those who seek to gather a large catalog of magazines and capitals around the world whose purpose , at first sight, is to ensure that the public is more informed of what is happening in your environment and the rest of the world.

Among the options available for our tablets and smartphones, we find examples like NewsTab, which then we give more details and that the same characteristics that have others which I have presented above, it also aims to become a benchmark within the informational applications. Will it be prepared to get to the top?


As I recall makes some lines, NewsTab us allows, in theory, view them articles of magazines and another type of publications of more than one hundred of countries in all the world. Synchronizing with Google News, which is no longer present in Spain, another of its strengths is the establishment of a series of filters to receive all the news from the fields in which most interested are exclusively.

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Its developers boast a simple control through a very simple interface showing illustrations of all the press housed in the app catalog. It is optimized both for tablets and smartphones Android platforms of larger and also highlights the social networking component, since through it, we can find the most important informative trends of the moment across platforms like Twitter. Has a mode offline and is home to some podcasts and news in format audiovisual.


NewsTab, just like her sisters of the genre, does not have any initial cost. Updated a few days, its creators claim to have fixed some bugs that caused unexpected closures. It has received positive ratings by other aspects such as the variety of languages of publications to users. However, it has also been subject to some criticism by facts as for example, the existence of a version whose menus are in English only.

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Do you think that apps like this, the way that millions of users are reported on a daily basis is changing at a faster pace? Do you think that there are more complete tools that solved barriers in NewsTab? You have available more information about other similar as Flipps so you can say to yourselves.

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