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New update of Pokemesh with optimizations for smartphones in low range

Makes less than a week Pokemesh got a Update to avoid possible bans in Pokemon GO. The application again receives a new version, the 4,4.0, this time with minor changes, but all geared to optimize its performance, especially in those smartphones with fewer resources.

If you are that you keep hooked a Pokémon GO very surely you know Pokemesh. The app is behaves as the radar that all want to have in it application official of the videogame since positions in time real, in a map, all the Pokemon available. Also, have of other information such as the time that is maintained in the area said Pokemon. In short, a tool that facilitates enormously the experience of game of Pokemon GO.

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Pokemesh stays on the crest

As such, Pokemesh begins to gain great relevance between Pokémon GO players, especially when the app keeps be traced by the servers of Niantic to implement possible bans. In fact, Pokemesh received last week an additional update that included patches to avoid dreaded locks the game servers.Mapa de PokeMesh para Pokémon GO

PokeMesh is updated to avoid bans on Pokémon GO

Optimized for smartphones with few resources

Thus, the application developer has announced the availability of a new version, PokéMesh V4.4.0, which integrates small, but important changes. The main focus on the optimization of the code, some of which are aimed to run the app with greater ease in low-performance smartphones. An of the measures in this sense has been the option of disable the counter of time that appears on each Pokemon to warn of the time during which is available in an area concrete of map.

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In the same way, the new Pokemesh update introduces correction of a bug related to failures in detection of Pokemon, an error related to the app scan times.

You can download the updated implementation of Pokemesh from the page developer.

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