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New skins for and compatibility with Android Nougat

We all know that Pokémon Go is the current King of the mobile games, although in recent days their success has been disappearing due to fatigue and the logical step of fashion. However, there are a series of games that keep the type before the title from Nintendo. One of them is Clash Royale, who continues to be one of the stars of the app stores. The other is, the famous game of the snake adapted to 2016. Now his latest update brings new skins for and compatibility with Android Nougat.

A new version of has been released recently under the name of 1.4.5. If not are familiar with enough with tell you that is one of them games more famous of Android and iOS thanks to inherit great part of the system of game that all remind you of those “Snake” that made them phones of Nokia of principles of century.

The update more recent adds new skins for, an of the features more striking of the application for mobile.  And is that the possibility of add a skin or skin to our snake is one of those challenges more fun that we can find in the game.

If you want to get all the sking for available don’t miss our tutorial.

Compatibility with Android Nougat

But the new skins for is not the only change that comes after the update of the game, since if yesterday we were talking about releasing Android Nougat for Google Nexus devices, from today these terminals with the updated operating system can now run the game.

And it is in its latest version adds compatibility with Android Nougat, being one of the first applications that adapts to the new firmware from Google. It should be remembered that you for the title run is enough to have a device with Android 2.3 or higher.

More beyond of these new “skins” for and it compatibility with the previously known as Android N, not there is changes innovative in the game, by what the system of game continues based its essence in feed the snake to make it grow until corralling to all them rival in the game.

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