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New security system will force you to update Pokémon GO to play

Last update of Pokémon GO introduced many improvements, as well as new security measures to combat the cheaters. Some days after the availability of the version 39.1 in Android, now know how block e will prevent the use of Pokemon GO to who play with advantage thanks to added that van against them political of use of the video game.

Since its inception, Niantic and Nintendo have had to cope with the constant emergence of tools and services that help the user catch Pokemon more easily artificially. One of the latest measures taken was the permanent ban before the detection of prohibited third party software. However, Pokemon GO has received an improves of security to prevent that them users handled them filters of the servers of the company.

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The version 0.39 of Pokémon GO, essential for play

As is makes echo the source, Niantic has given with a formula to prevent the picaresque in Pokemon GO. While the previous version of the game already included measures to prevent banned tricks, version 0.39 and later will have an additional security system to detect modified Android smartphones. By it soon, all those players that have of a version of Pokemon GO below it cited previously, is will be doomed to update forcibly to the last version because, of it contrary, the videogame not start and will be impossible play.

So will run the exchange of pokemon in Pokemon GO

Encryption, the key

Another of them implementations of security of the last update of Pokemon GO is refers to the encryption that incorporates an of the API of the video game. Safety Net, as so called, will allow to check if the smartphone is rooted through the same technology used by NFC payment. If this safety system detected modifications in the original software on the phone, it will prevent the use of Pokémon GO. Thus Niantic aims to avoid using root applications and any vulnerabilities to users through ROM found custom.

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