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New rates with more data from Pepephone for brand new 2017

Does anything mentioned he had some operators who dared to start the year by rising prices, but it also increased mobile data from each line. Today we bring you the information of the rates of another operator who has decided to change the way to start the year, Pepephone.

Pepephone goes to comment of very good shape the year 2017, changing its rates, and of this way, gaining is some customers. Now, in its catalog, will have more rates, specifically 5 rates, passing from 1 GB to 10 GB, and with this, also have new pack of ADSL in Pepephone, that is them leave to them companions of ADSLzone to you them detailing.

Pepephone basic rate does not change

Pepephone has decided keep its rate basic without any change. We find 1 GB of data with 4 G coverage. Calls have a cost of 0 cent/min to 20 min max, since when moving from that limit, 0.15 cent of call set-up is charged. Continues with a cost of 5.9 euros.

It renews the rate of 1.2 GB to 1.5 GB

This is the first novelty that we find in this rate. The new rate is 1.5 GB with Movistar 4G coverage with a price of 6.9 euros. This rate is the ancient of Pepephone with 1.2 GB, where the customers change to the new without any cost additional. Calls are charged at 0 cents/min to 20 minutes and then charged call to 0.15 cent/min.

500 megs more for the price of 2 GB

At this rate is still used 4G from Movistar coverage. and is passes of 2 GB to 2.5 GB without any cost additional to those customers that already had this rate. It others of the rate not changes, since we found them calls to 0 cent / min until them 20 min and then with establishment of called to 0.15 cent / min. The price of this rate stays at 10.9 euros.

New fares to compete with rivals

Pepephone looked like there were many other carriers that already gambled by having in their catalog rates with many data, since consumption present are needed people with your smartphone. The company decides to launch two new tariffs: the first is 4.5 GB 0 cent/min up to the first 20 minutes. Its price is lowered from 15.9 euros to the 14.9 euros.

The most outstanding novelty of this Pepephone revolution is the new rate of 10 GB, which has a price of 24.9 euros. This fee is intended for those users who have intensive use of phone, and therefore mobile data. Let us remember that the most expensive rate that had Pepephone was 29 euros with 5 GB, and now turn to this, with 7 GB more and almost 4 euros less.

The article new tariffs with more data from Pepephone for 2017 was published in MovilZona.

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