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New rates only mobile Jazztel from 12,95 EUR per month

The operator has announced that starting from tomorrow, 5 of October, will be available them new rates of Jazztel only for those who want to service of phone mobile. Indeed they have called in a very clear way “only mobile Jazztel rates” and depart from the 12,95 euros a month.

As the companions of ADSLZone warn us, launched a new range of mobile Jazztel rates only for those who are not interested in hiring a converged offering that include fiber or ADSL.

All of them, as it could not be less, are compatible with the given coverage 4 G of Orange, as both companies, at the end and are ultimately the same. Until right now not had offer of contract of Jazztel that not included its offer of Internet in house, already outside by ADSL or fiber, what not seemed curb its rhythm of portability each month-attached to the powerful campaign of advertising that maintains the company-.

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All the rates only mobile of Jazztel

It more cheap of them new rates only mobile of Jazztel is it of 12,95 euros facing it more face that rises to them 26,95 euros and that it true is that because gives it chance of that has returned it countless of Yoigo this month, because if not would be automatically an of them more interesting by the offer of calls unlimited and 7 GB by that price.

The new rates with its coverage in full are as follows:

  • Rate with 150 minutes and 1.5 GB for 12.95 euros per month
  • Rate with 100 minutes and 5 GB per 18,95 EUR per month
  • Rate with unlimited calls and 2.5 GB for 21.95 euros per month
  • Fee 26,95 EUR per month with unlimited calls and 7 GB

At the end of each one of the franchises of data, browsing speed is reduced to 16 kbps and to receive the SIM card at the start of the contract be paid 12.04 euros in shipping costs. Do not have nor permanence, beyond the month of activation, so although they are contract no us “married” with the operator with these new rates only mobile Jazztel.

Rates comparison for talk and surf

We remind you that the companions of ADSLZone maintain an interactive comparative to already they have been updated with these only mobile Jazztel rates so that you can be clear if there are any that are more interested in or if this new proposal of the operator seems more interesting to you.


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