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New rate Amena: 4GB and 100 minutes for €14.95, and Galaxy S7 catalog

Amena has today launched a new rate that will definitely become one of the most popular in the market. As you have seen in the headline, we offer no less than 4 GB of data accompanied by 100 minutes in calls for only €14,95 per month. Also along with this announcement they celebrate the launch of the new rate Amena with the arrival in his catalogue of the Samsung Galaxy S7, that we will be able to buy in easy installments. We will go over all the details of this new rate.

Already a few days ago we did echo of the latest news from Amena, which also included discounts and more gigs in the rates of Amena, who now are reinforced by this interesting offer which gives us more gigabytes of data and a simply irresistible price minutes.

New rate ideal Amena for more sail

This new tariff offers us a bonus with nothing less than 4 gigabytes of data, more than enough to surf, chat and even watch videos during the month, and which are also accompanied by 100 minutes of calls to the attractive price of 14.95 euros per month. Since then this bond offers an excellent balance between speed of navigation and minutes available to talk to who you want.

tarifa amena

This promotion will run during the Christmas holidays, and will offer from 28 February 3, 5 GB of monthly data at the same price, when you have finished promotion. In terms of free calls, when we finish with 100 minutes including the tariff, can speak for 0 cents per minute with a call set-up of 18 euro cents, the same as the rate of 6.95 euros.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 already is in the catalogue of Amena

He ship logo of the signature Korean already is in the catalogue of entertaining, and also available for buy it in comfortable deadlines of 10.50 euros to the month, after make a payment initial of 245 euros. That certainly close to one of the most desired terminals today’s users of the company.

tarifa amena

With this new pleasant fee of 14.95 euros, the range of rates is follows.

  • Rate 6.95€: 1, 5GB up to 28/02/17 (as of that date, 1 GB) + calls to 0 cents. / min (+ 18 cent. of call set-up)
  • Rate 14,95€: 4 GB up to 28/02/17 (starting from that date, 3, 5 GB) + 100 minutes in calls
  • Rate 19.95€: 3 GB up to 28/02/17 (as of that date, 2 GB) + unlimited calling
  • Rate 24.95€: 10 GB up to 28/02/17 (as of that date, 7 GB) + unlimited calling

Arrival of new fare Amena 14.95 euros is certainly excellent news for those seeking many megs to navigate every month and enough minutes to not be pulled when most needed us call with the phone.

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