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New picture of the LG G6 lets see more equipment details

A few days ago came to light which could be considered the first filtered LG G6 official image. This little came until the manufacturer to confirm the date of his presentation, time will take place in the context of the imminent Edition of the Mobile World Congress. However, in the absence of just one month for such an event still appear with information leaks and tracks the features and design of the LG G6. This time another photo of the G6 LG, this time real photo, put in relief the silhouette of the future standard-bearer of the firm.

Xiaomi, Samsung and Sony (the latter at least in regards to its flagship with Snapdragon 835) in all likelihood without the weight expected at the international fair par excellence of mobile telephony, the most striking developments within the sector undergo know the new LG G6. The sequel to the fruitless LG G5 suggests ways, as Asian denote the notes that are releasing sources mainly. Although it is a fact that the model will not have which will become the most prominent and powerful 2017 processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, the letter of the new LG G Series makes premium model.

New picture of the LG G6 with implicit details

If we let a moment from side possible and more than likely technical features of the LG G6 and rely on the last picture that appears, we can extract information and other so many conclusions.

To begin with, we must have an impact on that photo gives accuracy to put content that the esthetic of the smartphone features that appear in the same match prior to 100% in the filtered rendered image. In fact, for its quality, well we could regard it as official photo with all ballots to illustrate the new smartphone in press releases.Foto con enfoque macro de la carcasa del LG G6

That being said, if we analyze in detail the photo that occupies us, first finished metal on the sides of the casingdraws attention. If already in the previous image record of top quality, possibly due to the cutting of aluminium with diamond, I stopped in the photo in question can be seen in a way more accurate and real by the approach that the photograph has been taken.

Metallic profile, with slot for microSD, colors…

Also we can see other traits that we had already noted above, and they are none other than the rounded frame of the screen in the corners of the front, as well as the reduced thickness of the bevel and the upper area of the team. Here is appreciated greatly the influence of the market trends, with smartphones without just the screen frame.

On the other hand, the side view taken from the LG G6 focus an expansion slot that in all probability corresponds to the slot for a hybrid tray. Their apparent dimensions provide the space necessary to integrate both a card like a card microSD or two nanoSIM nanoSIM, requirements of the user’s needs.

Finally, and although less prominent, also we can see the method by which the manufacturer has opted to integrate the antenna for the reception of the signal of mobile telephony through the own metal chassis of the LG G6 and what looks like a new color, a blue shade that appears in the top area that will accommodate both the handset and front-facing camera and various sensors as the proximity and light.

Well-defined is already the top front of the LG G6, we very likely have chance to see more images that offer aesthetic details of the model, from other angles, before his presentation which, we repeat, will occur on Feb. 26 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The new picture of the LG G6 article reveals more details of the team was published in MovilZona.

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