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New malware for Android that kidnaps the DNS of our router

Switcher, so is called the new Trojan detected for Android that not only infects those smartphones with the software from Google. The recently detected malware focused on the router under which is connected by WiFi device to hijack DNS addresses. An once infected, the attackers take the control of the traffic of data.

As is the case with Windows, the Android platform has expanded globally at a breakneck speed. It is precisely this high rate of adoption in the market making it be the favorite target of malware. In fact, during the last few years have proliferated viruses, Trojans , and all kinds of malicious apps with the Green robot as a victim. In fact, the team of researchers from Kaspersky Labs has detected recently an of those forms of malware.

New malware for Android

Switcher is the new form of malware detected on Android. The hand of Kaspersky Labs has been identified as a Trojan that infects the devices with Google’s operating system and serve vector. The same is camouflaged in form of different applications alternative to the Finder Baidu for subsequently run its purpose.Malware para Android

This is not another that access by brute force to the section of Configuring the router network which connects the smartphone. The Switcher code has some predefined tables that randomly tests to try to verify username and password. Once it does, those router that runs the brute force, the Trojan is able to change the DNS addresses. For now, the following DNS servers have been detected.


The door to more malicious software

Here is where resides really the danger of the Trojan Switcher since a time established them DNS in the router is diverted all the requests of traffic of the network to such servers, being exposed to them attacking.

As we detailed our colleagues from RedesZone, the diversion of traffic can be redirected to other pages with malicious software to infect other types of devices.

In fact, it is a silent action and affected users would go unnoticed this action. The number of infections now amounts to 1,500, mainly in China, but given the effectiveness of the script that the malware, it uses could expand its spectrum in the coming weeks.

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