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New images taken with the camera of Xiaomi Mi5s

Today is cool by the new terminal of the Chinese, which should occur next Tuesday January 27 if the teaser’s own signature announcing a terminal “S” are actually converted. There is some confusion as to if we will see the new Xiaomi Mi5s, Xiaomi Mi Note 2, Xiaomi my Note S or at least the first two. But what is not already no doubt is that the camera of the new terminal will have special prominence, with a dual sensor Redmi Pro style, although as was logical with Premium specifications. Now we have known new images taken with the camera of Xiaomi Mi5s, let’s see them.

Makes only some days, during this week last, the signature Chinese launched a teaser in which us unveiled that the new terminal that were to present would have with a camera dual, unless that is what is exuded of the illustration that it starring.

More screenshots of Xiaomi Mi5s camera

It was a characteristic that is had been speculating for a while, in fact we got to see some render in which you could see double lens in the back of the Mi5, these images gave us more doubts than anything else, if we take into account that seemed more a mounting something credible. Since the release of the teaser, we already have that Xiaomi Mi5s camera will be dual, and as it would be expected, the results of these new sensors will be much better than the predecessors of this terminal of Xiaomi.

camara del Xiaomi Mi5s

The head of Xiaomi has returned to share multiple images taken with the camera of Xiaomi Mi5s, and as always, we offer spectacular natural scenes where the power of the two lenses comes to light. Once more rules to publish these images have been the same as the first one that was distributed last Friday, are displayed as they are taken, and have no filter or retouching, or post-processing any.

camara del Xiaomi Mi5s
camara del Xiaomi Mi5s
camara del Xiaomi Mi5s
camara del Xiaomi Mi5s

Be truth to this point, no doubt they are spectacular images, and that it is hard to believe that they do not have any processing or filter back. Normally usually have cat enclosed with these images distributed by the manufacturers, and us resist to believe that this not be a case more. In any case we will leave doubts starting on Tuesday, September 27.

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