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New images of the Xiaomi Mi5s us show your camera dual

Tomorrow is the day chosen by Xiaomi to present its new ship logo, the expected Xiaomi Mi5s, unless is the device which sounds harder to be presented, and that it has also gained strength in recent days the possibility of be my Note S, and even that both make them. We hope above all to Xiaomi Mi5s, still seeing how numerous material is filtered to your around, like for example new Xiaomi Mi5s images that show us your dual camera, which we shall see in detail.

Before the camera of photos, what we have seen have been many images taken with this new dual camera, one of the main attractions of the new Xiaomi Mi5s appearing in new leaks due to a rendering.

More screenshots of Xiaomi Mi5s

Until now had seen the camera dual of the Xiaomi Mi5s in ones render that not had too much credibility, showing an image where is could see the lens of the terminal Chinese cloned to give the feeling of the double lens. We have now seen a new render of Xiaomi Mi5s that within what fit is much more credible.

imágenes del Xiaomi Mi5s con camara dual

And it is because it has enough to do with the teaser published by the own Xiaomi a few days ago which showed a vertical layout dual camera, now we also see in this render look quite similar. With this dual camera we can see also a flash of vertical layout, and Xiaomi logo at the bottom.

imágenes del Xiaomi Mi5s

Despite being a render, is certainly the image closest to the reality that we have seen from the rear of the Mi5s. But there are more images of Xiaomi Mi5s, two more that show us the front of this terminal, and in both we can also see the longer charismatic Home button, which changes not only in form but also content.

In the rendering of black color, both the real image of white Xiaomi Mi5s shows this button to an ultrasonic Qualcomm, Sense ID fingerprint reader integrated. Also by what appears in the images, this button Home that would not be physical.

imágenes del Xiaomi Mi5s

It has light to your around, and gives all the sensation of that will also run similar to the of the LED notifications, at least in these images appears blue. In any case, we reiterate that it gives us the feeling of being before images and render that finally show us a real aspect of the terminal that is tomorrow.

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