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New images of the LG V20 displayed in detail its design

He LG V20 will come this next month of September to convert is the first phone that includes Android 7.0 Nougat of factory, by front even of the new Nexus Sailfish and Marlin that is developing HTC for them of Mountain View. Many of the features of this new V20 are well known, although its design has not been lavished too in leaks. Something that could change with a series of leaked images of this new handset from LG that have the responsibility to retrieve the mobile business of the firm. LG carries a year quite difficult, with a LG G5 that not has fulfilled them expectations put in it, not having given their fruits its risky bet by it mods and affecting badly to it has of results of the company. In addition they do not help other problems as the “bootloop” which is affecting the LG G4 by a bad Assembly of components and that may also be affecting to some LG V10.

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So in the midst of this difficult scenario for the Korean firm the presentation of the new LG V20 will take place next month in September.

New render of the LG V20

One of the most characteristic features of the LG V10 was oriented secondary display to offer a more complete and sexy notifications. This year the LG V20 will return to bet by the same formula along with more news, as the camera dual with double lens that the company has premiered with so little fortune in the LG G5, and that surely receive improvements in this new model.

render de LG V20

As you can see in the render, both aspects can be distinguished perfectly, with the characteristic icons that shows the secondary display on the top of the terminal and on the back with a cdual Chamber very similar in appearance to the LG G5. Other specifications which we hope are a screen with resolution QHD, 820 Snapdragon processor and 4 GB of RAM.

LG V20 con camara dual

Indeed this element you gives a great like in the design to the LG V20 with regard to the LG G5, something that in the generation earlier not saw, since the design of the LG V10 and the LG G4 was very different. In any case in a few days we will leave doubts, and we will check if LG manages to straighten its course with this new terminal, or if otherwise it underpins further their precipitous fall in in the mobile business that as well he ran last year.

LG V20
LG V20 con camara dual
LG V20
render de LG V20

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