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New images of the bike M confirm its design

It is one of the most mysterious terminals of the new Motorola under the umbrella of Lenovo. And in recent months have known in a way regular new data of this interesting ends, which will have the task of completing this new range of 2016 with the also rumored Moto X. Now have been leaked several screenshots of Moto M with metal body and integrating a fingerprint reader, something that already not should sound like a surprise if we consider that it was one of the basic characteristics imposed by Lenovo.

Leaks around the Bike M are increasing, and it is likely to be so by the proximity of its release, in fact already have seen it recently also in other images. Today undoubtedly confirm the design seen so far of this terminal.

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New images of the bike M

Gives the feeling that the arrival of the Moto M is closer than ever, and not because obviously every day that passes we are closer to a hypothetical presentation, but because materials such as those who have leaked lately so advances it. And it is that we are talking about these images belong to the promotional material of a manufacturer of accessories for mobile. As can see on one side have an image of press that us shows the Moto M in color Golden in a clear photography oriented to the promotion of the mobile and that could see makes some days.

imágenes del Moto M

On the other hand the new filtered image belong to Skinomi brand that manufactures screensavers for mobile and that in this case shows the same for Moto M. As you can see in the pictures the bike M shows a reader of fingerprints on the back, the camera in a vertical position and a curved back for a better grip of his metal body. With respect to specifications, this Moto M is expected a 5.5 inch screen Full HD with a MediaTek MT6755 of eight cores with the Mali GPU T860 processor.

protector Moto M

It also has 4 GB of RAM along with 32 GB of internal storage. The camera would be 16 Megapixel back and 5 megapixel front. Will come with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, to upgrade to Nougat very soon. As we say it is expected that its presentation do not delay too, if we stick to all the material previously leaked and that sample to a terminal is fully finished and ready to be released.

New images of the bike M item confirm its design was published in MovilZona.

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