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New image of the Xiaomi my Mix Nano and more details of his presentation

Xiaomi Mi Mix surprised friends and strangers at the time of its presentation, it had considered some models to accompany Xiaomi Mi Note 2 on its release, but no one expected as surprising as this terminal. And in little more than one month after your presentation already have known a version more compact that the original, and that also would be very close your presentation. A new image of the Nano Mix my Xiaomi has been accompanied by details of his presentation.

Not is the first time that see an image of the Xiaomi my Mix Nano, a terminal that will enjoy of the same screen with a ratio of size with regard to the front of more than the 90%, but in a size more compact that them huge 6.4 inches of the screen of the Xiaomi my Mix original.

Another image of the Xiaomi my Mix Nano and more news

A new image of the Xiaomi my Mix nano is has leaked showing a time more the peculiar front of the terminal, that in terms of screen occupies practically all this part front of the phone. In this image we can distinguish some of its front because it is basically a terminal that it allocates almost everything to his panel, which in this image reflects the typical pet for Xiaomi. Seems that this image of the Xiaomi my Mix Nano belongs to the same series of photos taken inside a vehicle, that we saw previously and that compared the size of the Xiaomi my Mix original with the of this Nano.

imagen del Xiaomi Mi MIx Nano

To give you an idea, Xiaomi Mi Mix 6.4 inch screen, occupy practically all the front of the phone, in our hands occupies the same as a terminal of 5.9 or 6 inches. Hence this Nano version, you will be able to offer us a 5.5 inch screen in the same size that usually occupy a 5 inch phone more or less, so we would be talking about a much more compact terminal, something that Xiaomi asked many potential buyers of this new model.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

Along with this image have returned to point out that this Mix my Xiaomi Nano will be presented the first week of December, so in a couple of weeks now could be a reality. We are confident that a Xiaomi my Mix of the dimensions of this Nano model will be much more popular than the huge and spectacular screen of the original Mix my Xiaomi.

The article new image of the Xiaomi my Mix Nano and more details of his presentation is published at MovilZona.

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