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New details on the processor of the Samsung Galaxy S8

When we are still getting used to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, that despite the problems in some of its units is the mobile reference today, along with 7 iPhone, rumors are increasingly insistent on the different features that could integrate the Samsung Galaxy S8. What will be the new flagship of the Koreans will return to bet on a processor itself, at least in one of its versions, as it is traditional, and today we have known new details on the processor of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 should occur next month of February or March, as we saw it this year in the MWC in Barcelona, and surprisingly, to reach that date Samsung already should have fairly advanced design of the terminal.

Samsung would be working in a dual Chamber for the Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 processor and graphics power

It is hoped that we see two versions of the new Samsung Galaxy S8, and at least one of them with Exynos processor. On this variant we know a little more about the processor that will mount. The excitement around the new terminal is such that the Korean police has arrested a person who tried to do with documentation about the technology of 14nm and 10nm would be developed by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S7 altavoz

Beyond this specific fact, new information coming from the Korean country notes would be processor Samsung Galaxy S8 Exynos 8895, here nothing new. This new processor would have with a new GPU Mali-G71, that according to the test of rendimient0 would be to 1.8 times more fast that the Mali T880 used in the current processor Exynos 8890 that mounted them Galaxy S7 or Note 7.

Galaxy S7 blanco sobre una mesa negra

Also ensure that this new GPU is much faster than the Snapdragon 830 composed, according to the findings that have shown in GFXBench. This new GPU Mali-G71 Exynos 8895 uses a new ARM Brifost architecture, which is designed to offer better performance in 4K resolution environments and virtual reality, which can give us an idea of where you might go some new features of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

This new GPU is also compatible with Vulkan OpenGL ES 3.2, GPU Compute and Android RenderScript. It seems that one of the most important aspects of this new Exynos 8895 will the graphics, that what we have known now will have a graphical power without contender in 2017.

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